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App Review: Camera 360

Know what makes me jealous? Phones with software that enable “Tap to Focus” in the camera like the iPhone and HTC Sense devices. Though that maybe where my jealously ends it’s still to the extent that I kept a dated, laggy Touch Pro2 around for a long time JUST because of its camera’s “tap to focus” abilities. Sure I could root my Nexus One and add a Rom… Read more

App Review: Pulse

If  you’re anything like me, you keep up on the latest Android/Tech news by visiting a barrage  of technology blogs and websites every day multiple times a day, this is where Pulse comes in. Pulse is a beautiful app that gives you access to RSS feeds and syncs up with Google Reader, nothing new except for the beautiful part especially in the Android… Read more

MKB Reviews: Fox News

Good morning! Today we’ll be taking a look at the new Fox News Channel release to the Android Market, their Fox News Application. There has been plenty of chat about whether or not the Fox News articles really are ‘fair and balanced,’ as the splash screen says, but that’s not the main focus of this review. We’ll be taking a look at the user interface of an… Read more

MKB Reviews: K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail

Most Android users will eventually find their way away from the stock applications that come preloaded on their brand new devices. Whether it’s an alternative SMS application, browser, note taker, or something else – you’re almost guaranteed to find something you like in the Android marketplace. Now you can add K-9 Mail to that list of stock app… Read more

App: Almost Hands Free

Almost Hands Free is the first application from developer Shane Burgess. AHF uses Google’s speech-to-text technology to facilitate voice search of contacts, music, and locations. Tapping on of the options from the home screen – which include Search Contacts, Search Artists, Search Songs, Search Albums, Playlists, Podcasts, and Maps – causes the audio… Read more

MKB Reviews: NewsRob


There’s nothing like speed, productivity, and entertainment all rolled into one free Android application. Seriously, there’s nothing like it – NewsRob is one of these few applications available on any platform that is simple and usable for any audience, yet fast and productive enough for power users. It’s a RSS/Atom Newsreader application that auto-syncs… Read more

MKB Reviews: QuickDesk Beta


How many times have you been web browsing then realized you forgot to turn WiFi back on? Or walking out a door checking email and wanted to quickly manually turn brightness back up? There are a ton of situations where this new Android application, QuickDesk comes into play. QuickDesk is not actually a complete home replacement for Android, as the… Read more

MKB Reviews: Smart Keyboard Pro


This is MKBHD and I’m back with an application review for any Android device running version 1.5 and up . This is an alternative to the stock Android keyboard, which is sadly lacking a few features a lot of people may not notice they’re dying to have on their handsets. The app name is ‘Smart Keyboard’ and has a ‘Pro’ version available in the Android market… Read more

SoundHound changes music search for Android

I like Shazam. It’s installed on the first day I begin using an Android device and the shortcut is always either on one of my home screens or in a folder on one of my home screens. And while it generally does a good (not great) job of identifying songs in real world situations, it can’t get them all. No big deal. When Shazam fails to tag, I listen closely… Read more

New server, new life

The first thing I need to say here is thank you, readers, for your patience regarding DroidDog’s recent server troubles. If you are a regular visitor to the site, there’s a good chance you’ve come across an error while browsing our pages in the last few months; most likely indicating a problem establishing a database connection. Or, you’ve seen the “no… Read more