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App review: ADW Launcher

If you’re experiencing a bit of Froyo envy, you might want to try out this free app called ADW Launcher. Of course it won’t allow you to tether, and it won’t give you animated gallery previews, and it won’t increase the speed of your device. But the action buttons might help you imagine that you’re running a newer version of Android than you actually are…. Read more

App review: Font Size (for root users)

Every now and then you come across an app that makes you say to yourself, “Why isn’t this native again?” You would think that the ability to globally change font size on your Android device would come included, but alas. As you may have guessed by now, Font Size (for root users) does just what it sounds like, changes the font size on your rooted Android… Read more

App review: UStream Broadcaster

A lot of people have probably already heard about UStream and the services they provide. To be quite honest, it’s nothing special. There are a lot of websites out there that give you a profile and allow you to use a webcam or something like Procaster to stream a shot of yourself, a movie, or a video game being played. When UStream released an android… Read more

App(s) review: JuiceDefender & UltimateJuice

48 hours of regular Nexus One use; always on, no charging. That’s what JuiceDefender (free) and its partner app, UltimateJuice (€2.79; $3.76 at the time of this writing) have done for me. JuiceDefender, on its own, is a great app. With it, you can set up a profile that will determine under what conditions your data connection will be active and for how… Read more

App Review: App Protector

Are you concerned about the security of the information stored in, and accessed by, your mobile apps? I’m not just talking about worst case scenarios, in which your phone is stolen by a hacker who knows how to recover your banking password or your teenage kids get a hold of pictures depicting you on your knees with a beer bong. Maybe you like to show off… Read more

SMS Counter review

Ahh spring. Birds chirping, flowers budding, streams flowing, and my cell phone contract ending. Right around this time two years ago, I jumped right into a contract, signing away my cellular freedom. While I don’t necessarily regret doing that, it couldn’t hurt to check and see if my plan could use some revamping. I know I don’t need to change the amount… Read more

Opera Mini 5 Review

I wrote an article recently talking about how the new Motorola i1 was rumored to have Opera Mini as the default browser and that got me to thinking. If Opera is the biggest mobile browser, then surely I have used it. So why don’t I remember? I read quite a bit on how it is extremely lite, fast, good looking, and very functional. I have never been a big fan… Read more