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What’s On Your Homescreen? Dima Aryeh

What’s On Your Homescreen? is back with another homescreen, wildly different from the previous one. It’s my turn to brag, so here is my home screen: On my main device, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, I’m a huge fan of consistency, and my icon pack reflects that. Every icon in the Glasklart icon pack is uniform and gray, which really suits my taste. This… Read more

Top 4 Reader Recommendations: Streaming Music Services

We covered music players last week, so this week I wanted to focus on your top streaming music services.  This list was compiled prior to Google’s new Google Play Music All Access, so this new streaming service wasn’t an option for you to suggest.  My suspicion is that if I asked the same question a month from now, All Access would be on this list…. Read more

(Updated: Now Available) Google Introduces Hangouts, Unified Chat Service Available Later Today

Update: It’s alive! Chrome Extension Google announces what we’ve all been expecting, Hangouts, a unified chat service that allows you to have conversations between iOS, Android and Internet. Hangouts will support multimedia messaging, text, photos and video conversations all synced between mobile, desktop and the web. Hangouts will be available… Read more

Google I/O Is Tomorrow, Here Is What We Want And Expect

Google I/O starts tomorrow, and it’ll be the biggest three days of the year for the Android world. Hopefully, we’ll see some interesting and cool stuff come from Google, but without any solid info, we don’t know what will it be. Key Lime Pie, or just another Jelly Bean? A new Nexus device? A smart watch? The keynote is tomorrow, so I guess we’ll find… Read more

Top 4 Reader Recommendations: Music Players

I apologize for the delay in posting the next installment of Reader Recommended Apps.  It’s been very busy for me recently, but things look to be settling down.  Thanks again for the great feedback over on our Facebook page about your choice of how you listen to music on your Android device.  Due to the diversity of responses, I thought it would be… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Unboxing Video

We finally have our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S 4! And we are so excited about it, we filmed an unboxing of the device.  In the video you’ll see everything that comes in the box with the Galaxy S 4.  I also go through the initial set up (there is A LOT of setup) of the device and give a tour of the hardware on this beast.  I was immediately struck… Read more

What’s On Your Homescreen? Steve Raycraft

Welcome to the first installation of our new series What’s On Your Homescreen?  A new series providing you insight into the personalities of the various writers on by taking a look at the homescreen for their daily device.  First up is Steve Raycraft. Welcome to my homescreen.  As you notice, there is not much to it.  I’m a big fan of… Read more

HTC One First Impressions

“A rush of anticipation coursed through my body as I flew up to my room and slammed the door shut. I sat down at my desk and slowly opened the box to reveal the stunning contents. There it lay, the HTC One, clad in its beautiful aluminum unibody. The most beautifully sophisticated phone that my eyes had ever feasted upon.” That’s about the briefest… Read more