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Video: Samsung Galaxy Tab – Verizon

This is my first hands on video with the Verizon flavor of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. In it, I cover using the Tab as an e-reader, a little bit of gameplay, the form factor, and the keyboard. My overall impression after playing with the Tab for close to 24 hours is that it’s ridiculously fun to use, but I’m not sure I would drop six bills on one either. Verizon… Read more

MKB Reviews: FlickFolio

If you’re a reading this article on DroidDog there’s a good chance you’re a fan of the Android platform. If you’re a fan of Android there’s a good chance you’re fairly technologically savvy. There is a likely a chunk of you out there who are Android fans and also budding photographers. For the inner photographer in you there is a very popular… Read more

Galaxy Tab for T-Mobile: Unboxing

Just yesterday, the Galaxy Tab for T-Mobile was finally released into the arms of early Android tablet adopters everywhere. As luck would have it, just yesterday I went and bought one. First thing that crossed my mind? It looks, and feels, very high quality. Nothing like the plasticky – tinny – hollow feeling I got when picking up the Vibrant for the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab is on sale at T-Mobile…now!

It’s Wednesday, November 10th, ladies and gentlemen. That means that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is now available in the United States from T-Mobile. The tablet can be found in Magenta’s online store for $599.99 outright and $399.99 on contract. It will also be in T-Mobile retail locations today. Because the stateside Tabs don’t feature telephony, the… Read more

100 iPad Big Game Sweepstakes comes to DroidDog!

Did you catch my post last week about PhoneDog’s 100 iPad Big Game Sweepstakes? For those that didn’t, here’s a simple breakdown of how it works: To enter, you just go to one of the PhoneDog family’s Facebook pages and “Like” it. Those who have already liked a page simply move onto the next step, which is to fill out an entry form. For every 10,000 entries,… Read more

MKB Reviews: Twitter for Android V1.0.5

There may be many reasons to switch from the stock Twitter client for Android to any of many numerous other third party applications. Some people like the different look; others like the speed benefits or different features of specific clients. Google aims to keep you hooked to the stock Twitter client for Android with their most recent update of the… Read more

iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry

Thank you once again, Reddit, for bringing some hilarious tech content to my attention. I stumbled onto the C-Section Comic embedded below last night while browsing the paid Reddit is Fun app in bed (free, widget-less version also available). The site’s /r/pics section seemed to be on fire with great imagery at the time. I was reminded where a large portion… Read more

So you want a front facing camera in your Samsung Vibrant?

In a recent adventure to make my Samsung Vibrant the ultimate T-Mobile device, I ran across number of mentions of a FFC (front-facing camera) mod that wasn’t supposed to be too difficult. It didn’t turn out to be an easy hack by any means. It’s doable, but you have to know what you’re doing. That’s where I come in. This guide will push you towards the… Read more

Book review: Android Apps Marketing

So you have (or someone you’ve hired has) finally made it: programming languages have been learned, ideas have been hashed out, and it’s time to move forward with a program for the Android platform. Perhaps you’ve already created an app but aren’t sure what the next step is. Or maybe you’re an experienced publisher but want to make more money with the… Read more