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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Unboxing Video

We finally have our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S 4! And we are so excited about it, we filmed an unboxing of the device.  In the video you’ll see everything that comes in the box with the Galaxy S 4.  I also go through the initial set up (there is A LOT of setup) of the device and give a tour of the hardware on this beast.  I was immediately struck… Read more

A First Look At The HTC First Facebook Phone

I’ve had the Facebook Phone, known as the HTC First, for about day.  So far, I”m really liking it a lot more than expected.  Before having the device, I played with Facebook Home briefly and thought it just felt awkward as a launcher for an Android device.  However, give it the right hardware, namely an HTC device with a beautiful display, I think… Read more

Sony Xperia Z – Unboxing And Hands On

Our very own Managing Editor Cam Bunton is switching sides this week as he takes a look at the Sony Xperia Z. Cam is going to take a spin around the hardware and give his first impressions on the software and user interface. We’ll back soon with a full review of the latest and greatest out of Sony’s current flagship Android… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″ Unboxing [Video]

Well friends, here is our first hands-on look at the newly released Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″.  You know the drill.  I open the box, show you what’s inside, and give you a little tour of the device.  I misspoke in the video.  It has a micro USB and micro HDMI, as well as pointing out the ports backwards.  I tried correcting myself in the video but… Read more

Video Montage Shows Just How Tough It Is To Unbox The Nexus 7

Google’s Nexus 7 has been the most talked about Android device in the last week or so, and units are finally hitting consumers hands. Now that they’re in the wild, watch this awesome montage of unboxings, with our very own Colton Kaiser included. You can catch Colton at both 8 and 32 seconds in, and his genius shows as he was the only one to pre-cut the… Read more

ASUS Nexus 7 Unboxing Video

We’ve finally managed to get our hands on the elusive ASUS Nexus 7. Yesterday, units started shipping from the Play Store and some third-party retailers before completely selling out. In this video we take a quick look at the stunning design and hardware of Google’s newest member in the Nexus… Read more

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play unboxing

Sony Ericsson hasn’t been known for crashing into the Android scene with groundbreaking specs or the latest and greatest in Android features. But the Xperia Play does run Android 2.3.3, Gingerbread, and is the very first PlayStation certified phone. The 1GHz Scorpion Snapdragon processor–along with the Adreno 205 GPU–ensures a capable gadget, but the… Read more