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Nexus One, Unboxed

Always plan before you post. That’s my lesson for the day. I approached this video as a PhoneDog unboxing because, though I had seen his Nexus One hands-on, I didn’t know Noah already unboxed this phone over at PD. I even uploaded the video to the PhoneDog YouTube account. Ah well, I’m not about to scrap it now, so just substitute the word “Phone” with… Read more

Camangi Webstation unboxed

The first pre-ordered Camangi Webstations are starting to arrive in the US, and that means unboxings and video reviews. Here is the first I’ve seen of the former from Gear Diary. As the unboxer points out, white is currently the only color shipping but red and black will be available eventually. The tablet comes with a 7″ resistive screen, 4,000 mAh… Read more

Acer Liquid unboxed

According to the unboxer, elements that may look a bit cheap in pictures – like the hardware buttons and battery cover – really don’t feel that way in person. He says you can be a lot more rugged with it the he had originally thought, calling it a very solid device. Via Android and… Read more

GeeksPhone One unboxed by… GeeksPhone

It seems the folks over at GeeksPhone just couldn’t wait to see what an unboxing of their own One device would look like. So, they did what any small group of crazy people would do: they shot their own. I guess they can skip that whole hassle of sending out loaners, eh? It does look pretty nice though, right? Via… Read more

Samsung’s Behold 2: unboxing and hands-on

Overall, my first impressions are pretty good. Still, I think T-Mo might be aiming a bit high with the $229 on-contract price tag. The cube seems more like a bullet point than a useful feature, but I haven’t really had the chance to spend some time with it yet. The keyboard feels pretty good, but again, I need some time. One thing that stood out to me was… Read more

I now have Droid and Eris under the same roof

You can see my Eris unboxing and first impressions over at PhoneDog. You know the drill, folks. Time to send ‘em in. Make sure you are clear about which phone your question or request is regarding because it’s getting pretty busy ’round here. I can’t say how long I’ll have either device, but if you want some comparisons of this and that, a side-by-side… Read more

Moment in the hizzy

Did I really just say that? Yes, yes I did. I’ve only got this particular device for a day or two, then it’s off to Kravitz in San Francisco for his reviews, dogfights, and whatever else he has in mind. I think another one might be headed my way though, so feel free to ask questions and tell me what you’d like to see on video. You can get me on Twitter… Read more

Cliq unboxing and hands-on

Noah found a nice surprize at his door when he got home today, and made a video about it. If my Internet connection wasn’t limited to slow-motion bursts of activity, I’d watch the whole thing and insert some relevant information here before posting. However, my upgraded Comcast Internet is having serious issues. “Hey neighbour, could ya kill the P2P for… Read more