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Unlocked Heroes updated to 2.1

If you have an unlocked HTC Hero, now’s your time to shine. System upgrade 3.32.405.1 (or so the screen-grab says), weighing in at 80MB, is finally heading out OTA as Android 2.1. People from all over the internet are chiming in and letting us know the update is everything you could ask for. Just a quick reminder, this is only for the unlocked Hero right… Read more

EVO takes a turn in the update round robin

Alright. I’m officially changing the theme of summer 2010 from “Changing everything, all over again” (or whatever that was supposed to be), to “An update for every phone… OK, well… almost every phone.” According to BGR, the next phone to get an update during this AUFEPOWAEP (see what I did there?) summer is the HTC EVO. Slated for June 28th, the update… Read more

Delicious Froyo; Now with more FRF72 goodness (yum!)


Google has released a new build for Android 2.2 (Froyo) on the Nexus One;  Build FRF72.  It’s unclear what exactly is in this build.  Some are saying it’s faster yet and offers better battery life.  Apparently some internal memory has been freed up as well.  One thing is known, protected apps have disappeared from the Market.  This is pretty common… Read more

Android 2.1 takes the cake


Maybe I should have said “takes the eclair”.  Regardless, Google has recently updated their Platform Version page, which clearly shows that Android 2.1 is winning the version race with 50%.  The 2.1 update is now available for the Eris, Hero (Sprint and GSM), and Moment.  Since some of these updates were over-the-wire, and SOME carriers (*cough*… Read more

Latest HTC Hero 2.1 ROM leak [with how-to video]

Let’s start by saying, this is not officially official.  I wouldn’t consider any ROM to be official unless I saw it on the Sprint support site.  Regardless, that didn’t stop me from giving it a go.  Keep in mind that this is one of those “use at your own risk” scenarios.  DroidDog is not responsible for anything that happens to your phone.  Now that I… Read more

New Google search for Android

Today Google freshened up their Search page, as noted in their official blog.  In conjunction, they also added some neat features to Google Mobile Search.  Not only did they streamline the look, they added the “Advanced Options” from desktop search.  Just click the little blue button next to the search box.  Now your mobile and desktop experiences more… Read more

If I’ve waited this long, I can wait until May 7th; HTC Hero

If you’ve been following the “Moment/Hero 2.1 update” threads, on your Android forum of choice, you know there are a lot of folks that are anxiously awaiting said update.  HTC and Sprint initially said “1st half of 2010″.  Then Sprint let slip the phrase “in the coming weeks”.  Well those weeks have come and gone.  The most recent news has been “the… Read more

HTC fixes Desire’s GPS issues for Telstra

THIS is what I like to see.  Customers complain about an issue.  Company admits to the issue.  Company fixes issue.  Seems pretty straight forward, but some companies don’t react quite as quickly as HTC and Telstra did. Just a few days ago, we reported that HTC and Telstra identified a software issue with the GPS on the HTC Desire and “aim to rectify… Read more

Android 2.2 to support Flash 10.1

Today, The New York Times published an interview with Google’s VP of Engineering, Andy Rubin.  The topic of the day: Android. While much of the conversation revolved around the philosophy of an “open” platform, there was some very specific discussion about Flash support for Android 2.2. Here’s a quote from interviewer Brad Stone He also promised… Read more