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HTC Incredible on video

We already knew that it’s coming to Verizon, and that it was kicking around in the wild, but this is the first video showing it in action: HTC’s Sense-packing Incredible. I think I’ve seen this before. It was posted on YouTube on February 7th. Nevertheless, it’s worth posting here: AoIbSeSxXIE Via… Read more

Philips GoGear connect PMP

Here’s an interesting video depicting a gigantic model of a new Philips PMP that may or may not be shipping in Q3. The model is not a dummy though, and while it’s unclear if this video (after the break) represents interaction with the actual interface or if we’re looking at a mock-up, Philips’ UI design looks great and word that this thing – in a much… Read more

Android 2.1 on your WinMo device

If you love HTC hardware but hate Windows Mobile, If you’re human, you would probably like to run Android on the HTC WinMo device you’re rockin’, whether it be the Kaiser/Tilt, Vogue, Niki, or Polaris. And thanks to xda-developers, you now can. That ROM will leave you without some functionality – like the camera and Bluetooth – but as you can imagine,… Read more

Hands on with Legend at MWC

Ewan MacLeod of PhoneDog is still stalking the reps at the HTC booth in Barcelona, and I’m very happy that he is. In this video, he gets a quick look at the successor to the Hero, Legend. I’ve always been partial to the look if the GSM Hero, and I’m loving the inspiration seen in Legend. Damn, that is a sexy phone. Video after the break…. Read more

PhoneDog’s hands on with Desire and 2.1

PhoneDog’s Briton in Barcelona, Ewan MacLeod, strikes again from Mobile World Congress, this time with a thorough tour through HTC’s new Enhanced Sense experience. It really is an object of Desire. Can’t wait to try out the phone’s optical joystick. Nice. Via… Read more

Desire to be a Legend and pre-order today

While the Nexus One is generally considered “the sheriff ’round these parts” when it comes to superphones, there’s another device that is clamoring for the title. That device would be the HTC Desire, which has the same hardware as the Nexus One, but has one big important difference: HTC’s Sense UI. This in-depth software tweak delivered by HTC is a huge… Read more

Legend and Desire – First Look videos from HTC

If I were choosing between the two devices for myself, I would have to go with Desire for specs alone. But damn, Legend is a thing of beauty. I would love to see a Snapdragon in an aluminum unibody with Sense. Looks like we’ll probably be waiting a bit before either of these come Stateside – possibly with different names – if they come at all. I expect… Read more

HTC announces Legend and Desire: Video, pics, specs


Today, HTC formally announced two new Sense devices: Legend, which will be available in Europe this April and in other parts of the world – including Asia – in the second quarter, and Desire, which will launch (also Q2) in Europe, Asia, and Australia. HTC took the opportunity to mention that a newly “enhanced HTC Sense experience” will be offered as a free… Read more

Motorola clarifies 2.1 update plans

Now, Motorola might have slipped up when they told DROID users that their coveted update to Android 2.1 would start rolling out to devices this week, but we’re not trying to point any fingers here. Even if, after the announcement, details started pouring out regarding what DROID users would (and wouldn’t) be getting with the update, we’ll go ahead and give… Read more

Rumor: February 22nd Marks 2.1 upgrade for Samsung Moment

Everybody loves a good rumor, and one as juicy as this should definitely start whetting the appetite. Especially if you’re one of those out there who went into a Sprint store and turned down the Hero in favor of Samsung’s physical keyboard-toting Moment. While we’d love to say that there’s more to this story than just the simple rumor mill round-up, we… Read more