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2.1 on its way to Dext, Milestone

Thanks to The::Unwired for hanging out on Motorola’s Facebook page enough to catch the following post: “Attention Android lovers. The 2.0.1 update is on its way for all Milestone users. The Android 2.1 upgrade for Milestone is also on its way and will be ready in the next 2 months. We can confirm that Dext will get the Android 2.1 upgrade as… Read more

Google releases Android 2.1 SDK

It’s already been a long time coming. With the Nexus One being released just last week developers were left in the dark waiting for the 2.1 SDK. But now they can sit down, crack those knuckles and get to it. Google is calling this but “a minor platform release”. Yet as expected they released the API for the new Live Wallpaper feature found on the Nexus… Read more