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Sidekick 4G now available for $99

T-Mobile’s long-running successful messaging device franchise, the Sidekick, has reincarnated today, minus Danger’s tween-targeted interface, powered instead by the streamlined and optimized Android 2.2.1. Another bump over previous iterations, as the Sidekick 4G brand would imply, is compatibility with T-Mobile’s 4G 21Mbps HSPA+ network. Pair that with… Read more

Epic 4G set to receive post Christmas update to Froyo

Well Epic owners, this has been a long time coming. Your journey isn’t over quite yet, but if some leaked screen shots of an internal memo obtained by Phone Arena are correct, December 26th is the day you should start seeing your official update to Froyo. If everything goes according to plan, build DL11 will start rolling out in phases on the 26th, and… Read more

Samsung pulling 2.2 update for Canadian Vibrants

Canadian owners of a Samsung Vibrant are not going to be happy to hear this. Due to “issues that some users have reported while completing the upgrade to Android 2.2,” Samsung is pulling the update to Froyo from Kies until further notice. As you will see in the full blip from Samsung Mobile Canada’s Facebook below, they don’t mention that only Vibrants… Read more

myTouch 4G struts it’s many colors on film

Up until now, we’ve only heard that the myTouch 4G would be coming in multiple colors: black, purple (or egg plant), red, and white. Thanks to CellPhone Signal, we now get to see them. As you can see, the black, purple, and red version all come with a dark greyish metal back, while the white’s back is a bit more bright. According to anyone who’s had… Read more

G2 overclocked to 1.3GHz [UPDATE]

Begin update: Michael was kind enough to share a link in the comments to the XDA thread with the appropriate downloads and information to get your G2 headed down the fast lane. There’s also some proper screen shots and the same video that you’ll find below. The usual “only you are responsible for what you do to your device” disclaimer applies. End… Read more