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Plume 3.0 Review [Video]

One of the most popular Twitter clients for Android, Plume, has a received an update to version 3.0 that brings a new UI for Ice Cream Sandwich users. Now you can swipe left and right between your mentions, messages, lists and timeline. Not quite the entirely Holo-based theme like we’ve seen in Boid, but definitely an improvement over the previous version…. Read more

Android tablets still aren’t ready

Android tablets have been around for awhile now, and have finally started to make a mark in the tablet market. It all started with cheap, Chinese-knockoff style tablets, that ran old versions of Android, eventually moving up to tablets like the Motorola XOOM, which had an OS optimized for tablets. We now have quad-core monsters like the Transformer Prime,… Read more

Tour of Google Docs App for Honeycomb [Video]

Google recently updated their Google Docs application for devices running Android 3.0 and higher. This means Android tablet users now have a fully optimized experience that looks conveniently similar to the webapp at docs.google.com. I was hoping a lot more Android apps from Google would be Honeycomb optimized by now, but this is at least a step in the… Read more

MKB Reviews: Music Player 3.0

This week at Google I/O 2011 the Music Beta service was introduced. While the beta itself is still available via invites, you can download and install Google’s Music Player 3.0 application on your Android device to listen to your existing collection. The user interface has been reconstructed to mimic the Android YouTube app’s tabbed interface and tie in… Read more

MKB Reviews: Evernote 3.0

Are you in need of a multi-platform, cloud-syncing, note-taking application that will work on your Android phone? Are you not already using Evernote? Look no further! This application is highly polished and very useful for the organization enthusiast within you. You can search notes with keywords, tag them with location and even format text and insert… Read more

MKB Reviews: The Weather Channel 3.0

The newest addition of the Weather Channel application has been revamped with an updated interface; That’s the main story here, as much of the feature goodness we’ve enjoyed in previous versions is still present. They’re also bringing in a new logo and greater device compatibility. Check it out: From the description in the Android market:… Read more

Video: Gingerbread hits Googleplex front lawn

As with every other major release, the next version of Android has a codename related to sweet snacks and a cute mascot to match. And now, a gingerbread man has joined the family of statues on the grass at Google HQ. Today, Google uploaded a video of the delivery and unveiling of the Gingerbread statue, which joins the Android family comprizing of the… Read more

myTouch 4G struts it’s many colors on film

Up until now, we’ve only heard that the myTouch 4G would be coming in multiple colors: black, purple (or egg plant), red, and white. Thanks to CellPhone Signal, we now get to see them. As you can see, the black, purple, and red version all come with a dark greyish metal back, while the white’s back is a bit more bright. According to anyone who’s had… Read more

HTC Supersonic Screen Grabs…

…are probably fake. Okay, okay, okay. I probably shouldn’t be like that. After all, no one likes eating their own words. Before I go any further, check out the picture below. No, your eyes do not deceive you. Not only does this alleged screenshot of the HTC Supersonic show it running Android 3.0, it’s doing it on T-Mobile. All we knew (or thought… Read more