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Google Patents Multi-LED Flash System For Mobile Devices

Google has been grated a patent for a very interesting idea: multiple LED flashes in a mobile phone. And we don’t mean like the dual LED flash that was available on the original DROID, where they were bunched together as close as possible, we mean many LEDs far apart from each other. Instead of patenting one configuration, they patented many… Read more

Sony Nexus X Was Faked, Detailed How

Yes, the Sony Nexus X, no matter how much you liked it, was faked. And the person who faked it has come forward and explained how. And seriously, it’s a lot more impressive than you think. The device was 3D modeled, taking cues from many Sony and Nexus devices, creating a realistic but unique device. Then he took photos with his Galaxy Nexus and used… Read more

Enable 3D System Wide On The EVO 3D

Sure, the 3D on the HTC EVO 3D has always been nothing more than a gimmick (and an often painful one at that). It’s definitely cool, and occasionally even worth a migraine, but it only allows you to play a few games in 3D and look at the photos you took. Not too much of a use really. Ever wanted more use out of it? A developer named jmztaylor on XDA… Read more

3D Imagery In Google Earth Coming To Android And iOS

Google’s new 3D imagery in Google Earth is incredibly detailed, and very accurately textured. They showed off downtown San Francisco, and it was gorgeous. Almost like I was there (city hall looks quite convincing). These 3D models are coming to both Android and iOS “in the coming weeks” but there is no other information about it. I’m glad to see it… Read more

HTC EVO 3D Ice Cream Sandwich RUU Leaked

If you’re an HTC EVO 3D user, and you don’t want to wait for the official Ice Cream Sandwich Update, and you’re feeling more than a little adventurous, a new RUU files has leaked for your precious phone. No one knows if it’s the final update, or some test update, but people have been saying it could very well be the final update. There are of course… Read more

LG Optimus 3D MAX officially announced

Early this morning, LG decided to officially unveil their latest 3D effort, in the Optimus 3D MAX. We’ve heard about this particular device plenty in the past, and it’s good that LG didn’t go with a combination of letters and numbers for the official launch. But, with a mysterious international launch plan for this newest effort from LG, it’s anyone’s guess… Read more