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Leaked LG C2X may be called the 3D MAX when launched

A few days ago a picture of what may be LG’s new flagship leaked, and it had a codename of C2X. We may now have an official name for it, as a new leak suggests that it may be LG’s latest handset with 3D on board. The phone might be called the 3D MAX, and would be successor to the Optimus 3D. No word on whether it will retain the Optimus name that we know… Read more

Sharp 3D Aquos phones leaving Japan, heading to Europe

As it stands right now, the Sharp 3D Aquos phones haven’t left Japan. At least, not when it comes to full retail or network support. But, in a recent announcement made by Sharp, all of that is about to change. The phones are now reportedly heading to some European nations, where they’ll see their first “international” release since their… Read more

LG releasing a 3D Game Converter for Optimus 3D at IFA, releases news early

If the manufacturers keep this up, there’s not going to be any surprises in store at this year’s IFA event. LG has released an official press release regarding the company’s upcoming 3D Game Converter, which, as the name implies, will add a bit more depth to your 2D games. Don’t worry, though: if you’ve got an Optimus 3D and think this is going to be an… Read more

HTC EVO 3D in white heading to RadioShack on September 9

After you saw the HTC DROID Incredible 2 showing off its white back panel, did you immediately think that the HTC EVO 3D would look pretty good with the same highlights? If so, then RadioShack is here to help you out. That’s right, it looks like Best Buy isn’t the only third-party retailer out there who can get in on the exclusive colored handset game. This… Read more

MKB Reviews: My Paper Plane 2 [3D]

My Paper Plane 2 is one of those neat little accelerometer-based games that can either keep you entertained for a few minutes in a waiting room or keep you hooked for hours – It’s what you make of it. There is both a paid and a free version that I demonstrate in the video below. The Lite version had one scene with three levels, which turned out to be… Read more

Sprint Premier EVO 3D promo

Sprint is sending out text messages that link to the May 2011 edition of Sprint Premier Connection. And the top link brings you to a mobile brochure for the EVO 3D, of course touting the 4.3″ display, Gingerbread OS, and three-dimensional capabilities of the device. Most importantly, the brochure features a button for clicking by those who want to… Read more

MKB Reviews: SpeedX 3D

I’m personally not a very frequent gamer on my Android device, but when I do reach for my phone to game it’s usually to kill time or to keep myself entertained for a bit. SpeedX 3D is a game that has the potential to become the next big thing; it has a replay factor that keeps me reaching for my phone to try to beat my own previous score. The developer’s… Read more

LG Optimus 3D UK release date and price

LG’s upcoming 3D-capable gadget, the Optimus 3D, which is blowing away the competition in early benchmarks, will be selling contract-free for £514.99 according to the product page over at Expansys. Availability is pegged for Monday, April 25th. The Optimus 3D captures and displays 3D video and photos without the need for special glasses. It has a… Read more