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Scaleform shows glasses-free 3D on Tegra-powered Android

At Nvidia’s GPU conference, UI developer Scaleform showed off a 3D interface running on a Tegra 2-powered Android device. Being able to watch 3D movies or play real 3D games on a mobile device would be cool, but the best thing about this technology is that it doesn’t require glasses. Yes, you get the effect straight off the screen, the same way Nintendo’s… Read more

ExZeus Arcade brings killer gaming to the Android touchscreen

I love owning a phone with so few hardware buttons. In terms of daily use, my N1′s power button, volume rocker, clickable trackball (plus four touch sensitive back, menu, home, and search keys), are more than enough for me to get by. I could probably eliminate one or two of those and function without hassle. However, I don’t don’t play complex games on a… Read more

Sony Ericsson’s 3D landscaping

Now available for Android and Java Micro Edition is Sony Ericsson’s new 3D Landscaping SDK which enables rapid rendering of high-quality three-dimensional maps. Stokholm, Sweden is the only map currently available, but I expect adoption will spread rapidly. Via Android… Read more