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Galaxy Tab Line Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich Next Month

  The rollout of the big Ice Cream Sandwich update has been long and irritating. Released last November, most Android devices have yet to see, and many won’t at all. Samsung has been great with its devices however, except on the tablet front. That will be changing next month, as Samsung has revealed that they will be updating a good majority of… Read more

Sony Tablet P Beginning To Receive Android 4.0 Update

  Sony is finally beginning to push out their Android 4.0 update for the clam-shell Tablet P model.  This Ice Cream Sandwich update will bring the Tablet P up to par with the Tablet S model which received the Android 4.0 update back in April. One thing to note about the new update is that Sony has decided to include a couple of its own unique… Read more

Canadian Carrier Telus Revises Its Ice Cream Sandwich Update Chart

The Ice Cream Sandwich rollout has been one of the slowest of any Android update to date, as more than half a year later and only a handful of devices have been bumped to the new version. Many carriers and even manufacturers have been mum on the matter, causing even more confusion as to what devices will even be updated. At least one carrier to the North is… Read more

HTC HD2 Gets Sense 4.0 ROM, We Gawk And Slow Clap

If the HTC HD2 isn’t one of the most important phones of the decade, well you can just take my journalism badge. It was released in 2009 with the first ever 4.3″ display and a beastly (at the time) 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU. It was a massive monster people couldn’t fathom back then, let alone hold. 4.3″ was just too big! Or so we said 3 years ago, with a… Read more

Calculations for Android [Video]

Calculations 4.0 is everything the calculator in Android 4.0 should have been. It’s a 5-in-one multitool for your ICS device and utilizes the “Holo” theme that we love to see in new apps. Enjoy the video and full review! Calculator This is an enhancement of the stock ICS calculator application. The T-9 number pad on the bottom is complimented by a… Read more

Spotify Beta for Android 4.0 Review [Video]

The Spotify team recently unveiled their brand new Beta Android app for ICS devices. It appears to be completely rewritten with new features and a user interface that resembles the “Holo” theme found throughout Android 4.0. You still must be a premium user ($9.99/mo) to use this app, which might encourage a few of you to make the jump and upgrade! You… Read more