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YouTube for Android v4 Redesign [Video]

The YouTube for Android app, along with several other stock apps like Google+ and Google Play Music, got redesigns during the week of Google I/O. The YouTube app specifically was updated to version 4.0.8. Here’ll we take a deeper video look at the new design of YouTube for… Read more

CyanogenMod Team Speaks Up About Jelly Bean

The CyanogenMod team posted this on Google+ to inform us about how the Jelly Bean update will work. Here is the full post: Jelly Bean Status Update Repositories for all AOSP projects have been created on our github to alleviate any potential mismatches (branch is ‘jellybean’). While Jelly Bean won’t require a major rewrite of all the CM… Read more

ASUS Nexus 7 Officially Announced, Google’s First Tablet

All day we’ve been seeing and hearing all sorts of rumors and leaks about this, and now Google has unveiled themselves. The Nexus 7 is Google’s first self-branded tablet, running stock Android. Made by ASUS, the tablet features high-end specs, with a low profile and slim design. It’s running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, The full specs are as… Read more

Midnight Poll: What Do You Want To See At Google I/O?

We’re just hours away from Google’s biggest Android event of the year. Google I/O is set to kick off today with a live keynote, followed by several smaller presentations and seminars spread over three days. We’ve already put together an in-depth preview of what to expect, but we want to hear from the mouths of actual consumers. What do you want to see… Read more