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Pantech Marauder First Impressions

Over the last year or so, Pantech has started to leave their comfort zone of producing feature phones. We’ve been seeing low to mid-range smartphones from the manufacturer, mainly on AT&T and Verizon. Their latest phone to hit Verizon’s network is the Marauder, a device marketed for the first-time smartphone buyer. However, it offers some powerful… Read more

Verizon’s Galaxy SIII gains global roaming workaround

For Verizon customers traveling abroad, Big Red’s Galaxy S III becomes nothing more than a glorified media player, as it’s cell phone capabilities are rendered useless. Prior to the phone’s launch, Verizon had promised it’s customers that global roaming would be enabled at some point in the future via an OTA update. Now a month into the phone’s release… Read more

Motorola Teases New LTE Smartphone On Facebook, Will Reveal Friday

Motorola is preparing a “big reveal” for this upcoming Friday with a new teaser on their Facebook page. Each day they promise to give a clue leading up to the big moment this Friday and today’s clue tells us the mystery phone has the “power of 4G LTE.” We’re calling it, it’s the Motorola RAZR HD. The funny thing is all the comments guessing the… Read more

San Francisco Bay Area Receives Sprint’s 4G LTE Network Ahead of Official Launch

Although not scheduled to launch until November, residents of the San Francisco Bay Area are reportedly able to use Sprint’s 4G LTE network months ahead of schedule.  The picture of the map above shows “green dots where LTE was connected, and blue dots for 3G”.  Additionally, customers are reporting advanced 3G speeds of 1.5Mbps as opposed to the… Read more

Verizon Galaxy S III’s Bootloader Will Remain Locked

Just yesterday we reported that Verizon would be unlocking the bootloader of their Galaxy S III, but that no longer looks to be the case. Customer service reps were telling inquiring customers that a new software update would unlock the phone’s bootloader, which is not quite what the truth. As it turns out, their will be an update for the S III on… Read more

Motorola Announces Atrix HD For AT&T, Complete With LTE

Having made a brief appearance last week on Motorola’s website, the handset is now officially announced for AT&T. Unlike its predecessors, the Atrix and Atrix 2, the Atrix HD is heading to AT&T shelves complete with LTE connectivity. The Atrix HD includes a 4.5″ 720p display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 8 megapixel rear camera with… Read more