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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″ Unboxing [Video]

Well friends, here is our first hands-on look at the newly released Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″.  You know the drill.  I open the box, show you what’s inside, and give you a little tour of the device.  I misspoke in the video.  It has a micro USB and micro HDMI, as well as pointing out the ports backwards.  I tried correcting myself in the video but… Read more

Waterfield Designs Nexus 7 Smart Case Review, Love The Quality

If you missed my first impressions post for the Waterfield Designs Nexus 7 Smart Case you can view it here, and the video will be reposted below.  I have sold my i-BLASON case I reviewed earlier, and for the past several weeks been using the SFBags Smart case with my personal Nexus 7.  I’m the kind of person that absolutely prefers my phones naked…. Read more

First Look At Waterfield Designs Nexus 7 Smart Case [Video]

Today we’re taking our first look at the Smart Case by Waterfield Designs for the Google Nexus 7.  Last week, I did a review of a different Nexus 7 with smart functionality.  The case would actually wake up and put the Nexus 7 to sleep by opening and closing it.  This case however, I have no idea why it’s name is Smart Case, but I have some… Read more

How-To: Root The Google Nexus 7 On Windows [Video]

Here is a how-to video for rooting the recently released Google Nexus 7 device.  This method uses Wugfresh’s Nexus Root Toolkit v1.5.2.  Something I failed to mention in the video is that although my Nexus 7 is running Android 4.1.1 build JRO03D, I accidentally set up the Toolkit for use with the Android 4.1, JRN84D build.  I’ve used both set-ups… Read more

Shipping and Release Dates for Google Nexus 7

We’ve received word of a shipping date for the recently announced Google Nexus 7 Tablet.  When Google announced the new 7″ tablet at Google I/O, they said it would be shipping in 2-3 weeks and the Play Store still reads this way, “ships soon.”  From some other online retailers that have the tablet for pre-order, we’re hearing that the tablet will be… Read more

Special Edition Nexus 7s Already Hitting Ebay, Ending Soon

Here’s something we knew was going to happen within hours of I/O ending as there are several special edition Google I/O Nexus 7 tablets on ebay now.  The one pictured above ends in less than 3 hours.  If you’re anxious to get your hands on a Nexus 7 before anybody else and you have money burning in your pocket, here’s your chance!  This particular… Read more

First Custom Roms for the Google Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 isn’t even available to the masses yet and it’s first custom roms are already appearing.  So far, the custom roms we’re seeing are just tweaked stock roms.  On the surface it will still be the new Jelly Bean just being awesome.  However, there will be a few tweaks underneath the hood that you may be interested in.  Below I have the new… Read more

One Click Root Tool for the Google Nexus 7

One of the benefits of Google giving away their awesome new devices at Google I/O is that developers get their hands on these dope new devices before we do.  In a way its lame, but one benefit is that it gives developers time to play around with the devices and prepare some sweet tools for us before we even get our hands on the them.  Last week, only days… Read more