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Hero coming to Cox Cellular?

With Cox planning a cellular service, geeks in potential markets have been guessing at what kind of devices can be expected if/when (the cable giant has had a bit of a bumpy ride getting into the cell game) the service finally launches. Well, Android Central has plenty of evidence (hit the link for photos) to suggest that customers will see an HTC Hero… Read more

If I’ve waited this long, I can wait until May 7th; HTC Hero

If you’ve been following the “Moment/Hero 2.1 update” threads, on your Android forum of choice, you know there are a lot of folks that are anxiously awaiting said update.  HTC and Sprint initially said “1st half of 2010″.  Then Sprint let slip the phrase “in the coming weeks”.  Well those weeks have come and gone.  The most recent news has been “the… Read more

Noah talks Android on CBS 5: Bay Sunday

Android really is becoming a household name/concept, and I’m glad to see this kind of coverage on a local news show. But Cliq and Hero? Hmm. I’m not really sure why those phones were chosen, but they are well established and can be had relatively cheap for the casual smartphone user or feature phone convert. Noah’s getting to be as natural on the tele as… Read more

Magic/MyTouch and Hero getting 2.1

Heres another one for the “it could happen” file. There is speculation circulating around that both the HTC Hero and HTCH Magic/MyTouch will be receiving an update to the new and improved 2.1 platform. We already know of a possibility that T-Mobile already has an update to 2.1 packaged and ready for transmission. And Rogers has also confirmed that 2.1 will… Read more

Unifinished Hero ROM on Cliq

Remember when I mentioned that hackers were working on a ROM for the recently rooted Motorola Cliq? Well here’s a video from one hacker who has been cooking one and releasing progress updates via Twitter. The ROM is still missing some features, but he is making progress. Check it… Read more

Softpedia’s top five Android phones of 09

2009 was a wonderful year for the Android mobile operating system. We saw many good looking devices hit the market and hit them hard. With tech sites finally understanding what Android was made of, the little endeavor by Google made a splash with 1.5 and above. Softpedia – a software download and news site – decided to take the first shots at naming… Read more

Hero 1.5 ROM for Cliq coming soon?

It seems like we’re covering a lot of geeky hacks and mods lately, but that happens to be where some of the most exciting Android news is going down at the moment. But have no fear, I’m sure to return from CES in a week-and-a-half with all sorts of juicy on the new handsets. Until then, we’ve got plenty of rumors, buzz, and clever ways of getting more out… Read more

Vid: Espresso ROM running on GSM Hero

At the beginning of the month, an Android hacker discovered a load of HTC codenames buried in a ROM. And though Espresso didn’t turn up in the following week’s leak – an HTC roadmap replete with device photos – we did get a look at the handset’s profile. Espresso is the Sense-equipped follow-up to HTC’s ground-breaking Hero. This time around, it will… Read more

Hero and Moment to get 2.1… eventually

Sprint recently announced via Twitter that Hero and Moment owners would receive Android 2.0 updates sometime in the first half of 2010. As GEARlog points out, it now appears that 2.1 was likely the plan all along, but that Sprint was bound from mentioning it until the recent Nexus One leaks opened the flood gates. Today, Sprint tweeted that the phones… Read more