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Poll: Is your Nexus S randomly rebooting?

Taylor from Android and Me has been reporting via Twitter and his site that, since the last update, his Nexus S reboots randomly, and it happens every day. He’s not the only one, either. This issue was reported in Google’s support forums at the end of December and Google responded by saying that they have successfully reproduced the bug and are working… Read more

CES: ATT sees another killer Android, the Samsung Infuse 4G

Ma Bell is officially rocking Android as of today. Apparently AT&T grew to like the idea of selling powerful Android devices after jumping on board the Samsung Galaxy S train with last year’s Captivate. After announcing the dual-core Motorola Atrix 4G at CES this morning, AT&T, along with Samsung, has announced another 4G gadget, the Infuse… Read more

Samsung SH100 camera has Wi-Fi, Android connectivity

When you consider a camera that connects to your Wi-Fi network for DLNA sharing and direct uploads to Facebook, YouTube, Picasa and PhotoBucket, it kinda makes you winder why that isn’t the standard nowadays, doesn’t it? After all, this is what we’re doing with our phones everyday. But for a lot of us, current phone cameras just can’t measure up to a… Read more

Galaxy S GPS fix not for the faint of heart

Galaxy S owners, I feel your pain. In the brief time that I owned a Vibrant I must have pulled over half a dozen times to wait for my GPS connection, having typed in an address and pulled out of the lot expecting the kind of response I had become accustomed to on other Androids. But as you know it’s not uncommon to wait 5 minutes for one of Sammy’s… Read more

Samsung’s Galaxy follow-ups coming at CES…or MWC?

There’s little doubt that Samsung will be unveiling new Galaxy tablet and phone models powered by Tegra 2 some time in the new year; the question is when. The Korea Times has pegged CES for the launch of the next Galaxy Tab and follow-up to the hugely successful Galaxy S phones, which were released as distinct models to each major carrier in the… Read more

Samsung to unveil Galaxy Media Player at CES

There has been talk for several months surrounding Samsung’s development of a Galaxy Media Player, and Samsung has apparently confirmed the device and will be showing it off at CES next month. After launching the Galaxy S series of phones–which some found to be heavily influenced by the iPhone–and then the Galaxy Tab–which was without a doubt… Read more

Grab a Galaxy Tab at Best Buy for $499, no contract required

If you’re tired of waiting for the Wi-Fi-only version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, why not grab the Verizon flavor and then drop the data plan after the first month? Best Buy is selling the tablet for $499 with no contract required, though you do need to set up a VZW account and activate to purchase. But you can ditch that data almost immediately and run that… Read more

Samsung pulling 2.2 update for Canadian Vibrants

Canadian owners of a Samsung Vibrant are not going to be happy to hear this. Due to “issues that some users have reported while completing the upgrade to Android 2.2,” Samsung is pulling the update to Froyo from Kies until further notice. As you will see in the full blip from Samsung Mobile Canada’s Facebook below, they don’t mention that only Vibrants… Read more

ifixit tears down Nexus S

Whether you dropped your lovely new device in liquid and need to clean it out or you just like to see the guts of gadgetry, ifixit, as always, has you covered with a tear down of the hottest new phone on the market. This time, Google’s Nexus S is exposed. Ooooh, that contour screen. Mmmm, that 1GHz Hummingbird. And oh, oh, the 5MP cam. Hummina, hummina,… Read more

Video: Nexus S – Ninja Unboxing 2!

Do you remember Google’s Nexus One launch video? You know, the stop-motion Ninja Unboxing. Well, The Big G has kicked things up a notch with todays launch of the Nexus S, and the ninjas are very excited about it. Google officially announced US availability of the device, which features the “Pure Google” experience of Android version 2.3–Gingerbread, a… Read more