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Behold II snapped at CTIA

If you haven’t seen their coverage yet, be sure to head over to PhoneDog where Aaron and Adriana are posting all kinds of news from San Diego. I hope you guys are having fun! One thing I would have liked to have seen in person is this dummy Samsung Behold II that Engadget got photos of. It looks pretty slick, if you ask me…. Read more

800 MHz Samsung Moment coming to Sprint

Beginning November first, $179 will get you an 800 MHz processor, 320 x 480 3.2″ AMOLED display, 3.2 MP cam with auto-focus and video, Bluetooth 2.0, support for up to 32 Gigs of storage, a 3.5 mm audio jack, accelerometer, GPS, visual voice mail, and Exchange support. Alright, $179 after $50 in instant savings (what is that about?) and a $100 mail-in… Read more

T-Mobile’s Samsung Behold II

The SGH-t939′s 3.2″ AMOLED screen is enough to catch your attention on it’s own, but throw in a tantalizing little taste of Sammy’s new Android version of TouchWiz, and it’s enough to make you reconsider your holiday plans. 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, WiFi, Bluetooth, and microSD up to 16GB. There are no specifics on price or dates just… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Lite dummy pics

I’m going to concur with Android Central and say that these are dummy units, except that I say they dont just “kind of, sort of” look like dummy units; those cereal box screens are either cardboard cut-outs or the best e-ink I’ve ever seen. I am more excited about the Galaxy Lite than I am about Tattoo, and I hope TMoNews is right in saying that this one… Read more

FCC clears Samsung IntinctQ

A Phandroid reader was scouring FCC records when s/he (I’ve met a female Ryan) stumbled across the image below, which seems to depict the the InstinctQ, whose reported destiny is to run Android on the Sprint network. Included in the key feature list is “Exchanger,” which most suspect refers to Samsung’s Microsoft Exchange support. Phandroid also points out… Read more

Galaxy Lite is lookin purty sweet

Thanks to Android Guys for giving the heads up on some Galaxy Lite news over at ai.rs – the site responsible for the pics and video below. The source doesn’t expect to see those green battery covers on the street but I think they’re a good idea. This phone is aimed at a younger audience that might not have the cash to shell out for the more… Read more

Is this the Galaxy Lite?

We can’t be 100% on this, but FCC filings and the detective work of many-a-blogger seem to nail this thing down as the GT-I5700. That’s a cheaper version of the I-7500, which O2 is hawking for a pretty penny. I still have my eyes on the white Galaxy, but that might not be in the cards for me – credit cards, that… Read more

Galaxy on sale in UK

O2 has gotten creative with the pricing of Samsung’s GT-i7500, better known as Galaxy. The device is now available in the cellular carrier’s online store and as you can see that it runs “Free to £244.67.” The high end of that works out – at the time of this posting – to just under $400 USD. According to Tech Radar, getting the phone for nothing up front… Read more

Samsung Galaxy / i7500

Specs: 528 MHz processsor; 8 GB internal storage; 192 MB RAM; 3.2″ 320 x 480 AMOLED capacitive touch screen; GPS; accelerometer; compass; bluetooth; 5.0 MP color cam w/ auto-focus and geo-tagging; 1500 mAh battery; 3.5 mm audio jack Released by: 02 Germany on June 24th, 2009 – Black Bouygues Telecom in France in early July, 2009 – Black US… Read more