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Acer Liquid unboxed

According to the unboxer, elements that may look a bit cheap in pictures – like the hardware buttons and battery cover – really don’t feel that way in person. He says you can be a lot more rugged with it the he had originally thought, calling it a very solid device. Via Android and… Read more

Acer Liquid rooted?

This is a possibility at best and is totally unconfirmed. But I like this sort of news and gave a disclaimer, so there. The forums over at modaco.com feature a thread where a MoDaCo writer named Paul is discussing the progress he’s made in rooting Acer’s Liquid A1, which started shipping in the UK on December 8th. As you can see, the sole poster – an… Read more

Acer A1 Liquid on Amazon

For £349.00 – currently $580 – you can pre-order Acer’s under-clocked (to 768 MHz) Snapdragon device, the Liquid A1. Set to ship December 7th, white will be the only color available initially. The phone will come with Android 1.6 (later upgradeable to 2.0), a 3.5″ WVGA touch screen, 5 MP cam w/ autofocus and geo-tagging, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. Check out… Read more

Acer Liquid / A1

Specs: 1GHz Snapdragon Processor, WVGA Screen (800 x 480 resolution), 3.5 inch Capacitive Touch Screen, 5MP Camera with auto focus and Geo-tagging, HSPA Connectivity – 7.2Mbps Speeds High Speed Packet Access Internet Browsing, Wifi Synching, Android 1.6 – Donut, GPS, Bluetooth, 3.5 mm audio jack, ROM: 512 MB / RAM: 256 MB ROM, Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE:… Read more

Acer Liquid A1 photos, specs, features, etc.

The first Snapdragon Android, and the first with a WVGA display, also comes with a 5 MP cam, 3.5mm audio jack, a slightly modified version of Android with some widgets and social network integration, and bonus syncing capabilities (like Outlook sync over Wi-Fi). The folks at cnet UK recently got their hands on the device, which will be available in red,… Read more

Acer’s Liquid and Aspire One

Acer announced today two Android products; a touch screen cell phone dubbed Liquid – previously known only as A1, and a 10.1″ Aspire One notebook that is already up for pre-order at Amazon. Unfortunately, details are sparse. Here’s what we do know: the phone will ship with Android 1.6, a geo-tagging 5MP cam, and GPS. Most importantly, it features a 1GHz… Read more

Acer Liquid A1 now available in France

The French Expansys portal has the Acer A1 up for pre-order for €389,99 ($570 +) here. Wait, wait… click HERE for the Google translated version. Looks like this one won’t satisfy the September release rumors, but this is close enough. And the specs, copy/pasted from Expansys: Caractéristiques techniques • Processor: Qualcomm 8250 768… Read more