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We Might See A Quad Core Nexus 10 This Fall

While the dual core Exynos 5 inside the Nexus 10 might be really powerful, but when powering that 2560×1600 display, it tends to occasionally bog down. We can’t really blame it, with that resolution. But if rumors are to be trusted, Google is going to fix that. It is said that Google is making a Nexus 10 refresh with a quad core processor with an 8 core… Read more

Texas Instruments Not Giving Up On OMAP 5

Earlier this week, we reported a tragic story: Texas Instruments was giving up the mobile processor game. It saddened us greatly. Luckily, they took some time today to clarify the situation. The OMAP 5 chips, which we were afraid would be gone forever, are still planned to be released and development is still active. This is great to hear, since… Read more

Google Working On New Nexus Device With…. Samsung?

It appears that Google and Samsung are working together once again. Google’s git repository shows off a brand new Exynos processor. This is also shown off in their AOSP tree. This suggests that Samsung is working with Google to make the next Nexus device Exynos powered. Looking through all the information, people have found Samsung’s Exynos 5250… Read more