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Including The Visually Impaired, Amazon Bringing New Accessibility Features To The Kindle Fire And Fire HD 7″

Traditionally, many companies haven’t done  a whole lot to try and help visually impaired consumers use their electronics but Amazon is one of the exceptions. They originally started by incorporating text-to-speech into the original Kindle e-reader and now they’ve informed us all that they will be bringing Voice Guide and Explore By Touch to the… Read more

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich accessible for the blind

When most of us go phone shopping, let’s face it, our “needs” are actually “wants.”  Who really needs a Retina Display or needs seamless multitasking?  For most of us, what we want in a phone is not something we physically need. (There are exceptions, of course.)  However, there are some who actually and physically need something in a phone and our… Read more