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Google’s $400 Million Acquisition Of ICOA Is Fake

Someone has faked an acquisition deal, claiming that Google has purchased ICOA for $400 million. Luckily, both the ICEA CFO and Google have denied this acquisition fast. Whoever posted the press release was trying to scam us. And it worked. ICOA’s shares jumped from a penny each to five cents, which could have made someone a lot of money. It’s sad to… Read more

Facebook’s Acquisition Of Instagram Complete: What To Expect

It’s done. Instagram is now owned by Facebook. The deal is complete, and Instagram isn’t that little hipster company anymore. What a tragedy! Not according to the two companies, it isn’t. The Instagram team may be already moving into the Facebook offices, but they say that the “Instagram app and its features will stay the same one you know and love.”… Read more

Third-Party Email Mac/iOS App Sparrow Acquired by Google

Whoa, I can’t say anyone saw this coming but Sparrow, an incredibly popular third-party email app for Mac/iOS devices has been acquired by Google. The team will be integrated into Gmail while continuing to “make Sparrow available and provide support for our users.” I’m seriously excited by what these guys can do with Gmail. Sparrow is my go-to… Read more

Samsung Denies Nokia Acquisition Rumors, World Rejoices

Samsung has denied reports it is interested in acquiring Nokia among what can only be said is another set of rumors that ailing Nokia is looking for a sale. In a brief statement, Samsung denied having any plans to buy the Finnish giant: “Such reports are purely speculative and are not true.” The only real bonus with this story is the 6% bump… Read more