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Google I/O Keynote Announces Mind-Boggling Stats, Including 900 Million Android Activations

Google’s I/O keynote is underway and they just announced a mind-boggling stat. As of 2013, Android has activated more than 900 million devices. That’s 900 MILLION! That’s up from 100 million in 2011 and 400 million in 2012. That’s not all as Google Play just crossed 48 billion app installs with 2.5 billion coming in the last month. Wrap your head… Read more

Android Reaches 750 Million Activations

Today, Larry Page announced the departure of Andy Rubin from the Android team. He’s staying at Google, but Android will no longer be his project. However, Mr. Page threw in a new tidbit of information. Android has reached 750 million activations. Not only that, but the Play Store has reached 25 billion app downloads. These are massive landmarks,… Read more

Verizon Gets Record Amount Of Subscribers, Profit Loss Continues

Verizon is on a roll lately, as they have caught (and trapped for two years) 2.1 million subscribers and set a record for fourth quarter smartphone activations. In fact, they activated 9.8 million smartphones in the course of only three months (6.2 million were iPhones, surprisingly). That’s very impressive, but it does come with some bad news. Despite… Read more

Android Activations Remain At 1.3 Million Per Day

It seems that Android activations have reached a pause in growth. During an announcement on third quarter earnings, Larry Page stated that Android activations remain at 1.3 million per day. That’s on par with the numbers he announced late September. It probably means nothing. There could be many reasons why Android activations slowed in growth. But… Read more

Android Has 1.3 Million Activations A Day And 480 Million Users

When Eric Schmidt took the stage at the Motorola keynote, he gave a staggering statistic: there are 1.3 million Android activations per day. That brings the Android user base to 430 million users. That’s a huge amount. Also, a not so impressive statistic: 70,000 of those activations a day are tablets. That’s impressive, but not compared to the phone… Read more

Android brings Google $5B; leaves Apple’s iPhone in the dust

Android is growing and we know it’s here to stay. The popular smartphone OS just posted an astounding 700,000 activations a day. For those without genius IQ’s and/or a calculator, that’s something to the tune of over 255 million handsets a year. To get an idea of what that means in relation to a big player like Apple, last fiscal year (FYE September 30,… Read more

Android activations now at 700,000 a day

Well, we all knew Android was growing. Fast. We just didn’t know how fast, really. Until now. Google’s Senior Vice President of Mobile, Andy Rubin, announced in June that they were at 500,000 activations a day. About a month ago, Google announced that number had jumped to 550,000. Today, we’re at 700,000. The growth of course, is amazing. Google’s tally… Read more