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Galaxy Note II Ad Shows Off Liquid Pixels Art Project

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JUS-hHhbzxA Samsung has created an ad out of a real art project by Steak Studio. The project’s goal was to create a pool of water with “pixels” made out of little jets that were wirelessly controlled by a Samsung Galaxy Note II. 10 days of work, all aided by the massive device, culminated in the… Read more

Leaked Ad Reveals Sprint Will Offer The Galaxy Nexus For Free, Galaxy S III For Only $50 On Black Friday

The biggest shopping day of the year is next week, and a newly leaked ad reveals that Sprint has a few tricks up its sleeve. A supposed leak of their Black Friday ad shows that they will be offering both the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Victory for free with two-year contract. That’s right, between the 23rd and 25th, you can grab a decent mid-range phone on… Read more

Google Offering Nexus 7 3G With AT&T SIM, Still Unlocked

Now that the Nexus 7 3G has been on sale for a while, there is an interesting little change. No longer does it say “Unlocked” about the device. Now it says “Unlocked + AT&T SIM,” meaning it will ship with an AT&T SIM card for no extra charge. While the N7 is also compatible with T-Mobile’s network, throwing an AT&T SIM in there, along with the big AT&T… Read more

Google Releases New Nexus 7 Aquarium Ad

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Vi9uVbL2ajc Google’s new Nexus ad takes a turn for the slightly weird, yet stays charming and very upbeat. Unlike the last two, which were focused on kids and learning and other wholesome life lessons, this one is focused on art and creativity. And I have to say, I very much enjoyed it, though it… Read more

Samsung Releases New Ad, Teases iPhone Diehards

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nf5-Prx19ZM&feature=player_embedded Here we go, another “Next Big Thing” ad from Samsung. It’s a 90 second commercial depicting people waiting in line for a new product (they never said it’s the iPhone! Except it’s obvious…), talking about its new features. Then people come by with Galaxy S III’s and the people waiting in… Read more

James Franco Stars In A Galaxy Note 10.1 Commercial

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKzNr2y_qTQ&feature=player_embedded#! The newest Galaxy Note 10.1 commercial stars James Franco doing all sorts of tasks, all at once, aided by his trusty Note 10.1. The tablet is shown off to be great at multitasking, which is its main selling point, aside from the S Pen of curse. It’s a fun commercial, which does a good… Read more

Study Shows Google’s Nexus 7 Commercial To Be More Effective Than Apple’s New Ad Series

If you’ve been tuning into the Olympics over the past week then you’ve most likely seen ads from both Google and Apple showing off their latest products. Google’s Nexus 7 campaign is based around a father and son sharing in the joy of using a Nexus 7 in the “wilderness” to make life significantly more enjoyable. On the contrary, Apple’s campaign is… Read more

T-Mobile Galaxy Note Pops Up In Leaked Ad

T-Mobile’s very own Galaxy Note has been long rumored, but we’ve still heard nothing from T-Mobile themselves. Now we have yet another piece of evidence confirming the device, this time an ad from Magenta themselves. It’s pictured above, featuring T-Mobile’s vast Galaxy lineup. If you look at the third phone from the front, it’s a Galaxy Note with S… Read more

AT&T Xperia Ion Release Outed By Google Ad

An XDA member was searching for the Xperia Ion on Google when he came across this Google ad. Spotting an approximate release date for an unannounced device, he took a screenshot. Thank you XDA member! Now we know that the AT&T Xperia Ion, complete with a 12.1MP camera and 4G LTE, is coming out sometime in June. This date is in direct competition with… Read more