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Adobe AIR gets updated; ICS support promised and delivered

Flash, our favorite internet media format slated for obsolescence received an updated today that brings full support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). There was a bit of grumbling when Adobe decided that the format was going to be discontinued for the company to pursue development into HTML 5. Luckily, just over a month ago, they announced that Android… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus will get support for Flash Player and Adobe AIR in December

We know that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus doesn’t support Adobe’s Flash Player right out of the box, and while that’s not the best news (especially for a platform that was using Flash Player as a bullet point for so long), it gets a bit better near the end of the tunnel. Adobe has already confirmed that the device will be getting support for Flash Player and… Read more

AppBrain allows filtering by AIR apps

AppBrain, the site that allows users to manage their installed Android applications from the desktop browser and share their activities with friends, now has an Adobe AIR category that will help you utilize the flexible platform, the Android runtime of which was launched last Friday. AIR brings the flexibility of Flash and rapid native development and… Read more

Adobe AIR for Android

It was (kinda sorta) officially announced at the Big Android BBQ that Adobe AIR was on the fast track for an early October release into the Android Market. Well sure enough, last night AIR quietly crept into the realm of downloadable apps, and is ready to grace your device with Adobe goodness. “Adobe® AIR® will let you publish ActionScript 3… Read more

Adobe unveils P2P Video Calling based on Adobe Air

Adobe Air has not yet made an appearance on Android, and developers and Adobe alike are extremely excited about it. Adobe Air beta runs bug free on Android as I tested it. However, the test was far from a real benchmark as there are only a few handfuls of applications currently available. Tweetdeck has not yet been released and others are yet to… Read more

Adobe AIR for Android leaked to public


Remember that cool Androideroids video from a couple of weeks back that showed a group of friends controlling spacecraft on a television screen from their Android phones? For those that don’t, and for those that just want to see it again, I have embedded the video below. Also see this video from the same young developer, which shows a Nexus One controlling… Read more