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Photoshop Touch Updated With Optimizations For 7 Inch Tablets

Adobe Photoshop Touch has received a pretty big update today, and the biggest feature is the new support for 7 inch tablets. Not only are 720p tablets like the Nexus 7 supported, but older tablets like the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with a 1024×600 resolution are too. That’s pretty significant if you don’t want to shell out much more money for a 10 inch tablet…. Read more

Guide To Adobe Flash On Jelly Bean Devices

As you probably know, Jelly Bean is not supported by Adobe Flash. They will not be updating Flash to work on Jelly Bean, which is a real shame. Sure, Flash never worked too well (even on computers), but it was the fact that we had that option which made Android special in one more way. Luckily, all hope is not lost. Getting Flash working on devices… Read more

Adobe AIR gets updated; ICS support promised and delivered

Flash, our favorite internet media format slated for obsolescence received an updated today that brings full support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). There was a bit of grumbling when Adobe decided that the format was going to be discontinued for the company to pursue development into HTML 5. Luckily, just over a month ago, they announced that Android… Read more

Adobe Flash Player gets performance and security update

Adobe Flash Player, though it is slated for obsolescence, received an update yesterday. If you haven’t already been notified, please head over to the Market and grab the apk. Android’s Flash Player gets updated to which admittedly does not come with any major feature updates, but does promise to improve security, stability, performance, and… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus will get support for Flash Player and Adobe AIR in December

We know that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus doesn’t support Adobe’s Flash Player right out of the box, and while that’s not the best news (especially for a platform that was using Flash Player as a bullet point for so long), it gets a bit better near the end of the tunnel. Adobe has already confirmed that the device will be getting support for Flash Player and… Read more