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Barnes and Noble announce new NOOK: The Simple Touch Reader

Barnes & Noble announced today pre-order availability for their new simplified Nook e-book reader, The Simple Touch. This Wi-Fi-only e-ink tablet runs $139 and will be shipping on June 10th. The 6″ display is black & white, and, as the title suggests, is touch sensitive. The Simple Touch runs Android 2.1 without Market access. But B&N is launching a new… Read more

Flash 10.2 beta announced for next week

Probably the biggest gripe surrounding the Motorola Xoom is the lack of Flash. It was an included feature when unveiled, but when launched it was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, that’s about to change as today Adobe has announced Flash 10.2 beta. Available in the Android Market starting March 18th, Flash 10.2 will initially only be available for… Read more

Adobe: Flash video acceleration for Chrome OS top priority

One of the primary complaints of those who have been lucky enough to get in on Google’s pilot test program for their CR-48 Chrome OS nebook has been Flash video performance. Quirks and bugs can be expected at this stage of the game. After all, those with Google’s rubberized notebook in their laps have them for the sole purpose of discovering problems. And… Read more

Adobe AIR for Android

It was (kinda sorta) officially announced at the Big Android BBQ that Adobe AIR was on the fast track for an early October release into the Android Market. Well sure enough, last night AIR quietly crept into the realm of downloadable apps, and is ready to grace your device with Adobe goodness. “Adobe® AIR® will let you publish ActionScript 3… Read more

Adobe warns of Flash 10.1 security flaw and promises fix

A security flaw in Adobe Flash 10.1 is affecting both desktop ( and Android ( versions. As the official advisory doesn’t explicitly state that earlier versions are ok, users should be wary of the sites they visit, and maybe just disable Flash until a fix arrives. Odds are, with the way Flash performs on Android, you won’t miss it all… Read more

Adobe’s Flash 10.1 comes out of beta, AIR on the way

The Adobe Flash Summit was full of news for Android fans today, and while Flash still scores big points on the interest scale, AIR seems to have taken over the Android buzz for the moment. And fans of AIR in desktop environments should be thrilled to know that AIR applications seem to run on Android like native programs and are updated via the Android… Read more

Adobe focuses on smartphones with Flash

Adobe’s been in the news almost every week, in one way or another, over the last few weeks. You’ve heard, right? Adobe’s CTO, Kevin Lynch has certainly heard, and he’s pretty outspoken on the whole thing. He wants to set the record straight in regards to how people look at his company, and think about their product, and he’s got a pretty good strategy to… Read more

Google prepares Flash player for standard Android

One of the highlights of Sense UI gracing the Android Operating System, was HTC’s decision to include Flash player capabilities within the browser. Of course, as most things are, it was met with all sorts of reviews: some saying the idea and implementation was great, to others saying they wish it never would have happened. Well, hopefully your personal… Read more

Adobe Flash and AIR for Android

Adobe announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that Flash and AIR would be available for the Android platform in the first half of the year as part of a broader effort by the Open Screen Project to bring the software to a vast bevy of phones running the BlackBerry platform, Symbian OS, Palm’s webOS and Windows Mobile. Adobe also released the beta… Read more