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HTC One Live Experience Tour Launches Across The Country

HTC is starting a new ad campaign, and it’s really big. They’re going around the country setting up events in many cities to show off the new HTC One to potential customers. Their slogan for this campaign is “Everything Your Phone Isn’t” and they will be showing off all the features of HTC One, focusing on its unique speakers and camera. They are… Read more

Samsung Spends More On Advertising Than Apple

If there is one thing that can help a brand blossom, it’s advertising. Take a look at Samsung: They have solid products, but what makes people want them so much? Their advertising shows off the features of the phone in real world uses while also making people relate with funny jokes. They create memorable moments through their advertising, and that’s… Read more

Amazon, Google Will Deepen Their Rivalry In 2013

Its safe to say Google and Amazon are already rivals on a number of levels, including app stores, books, movies, and more. The seeds of rivalry began over 10 years ago when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos got wind of Google’s plan to digitize product catalogs and Bezos saw a threat to his online retail giant. “He realized that scanning catalogs was interesting… Read more