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Video: Sony begins new advertisement push

It’s a sad day in the world of Android advertising, as it looks like Sony’s barrage of crazy commercials has come to a — what we hope to be — temporary slow. The newest adverts out of SE still find innovative ways to show off the gaming power of the Xperia Play phone, but they aren’t nearly as entertaining as Sony’s previous efforts. Now that the… Read more

New Thunderbolt and Xoom commercials surface

Continuing on in the Android is a power-house spirit Verizon’s advertising has taken in the past, two new commercials from Big Red have surfaced online: one featuring the Motorola Xoom, and one featuring the HTC Thunderbolt. The ad for the Xoom is short but sweet. We don’t learn much about the Xoom, except for two things: touching a Xoom will turn… Read more

Charles Barkley gets down for T-Mobile

If you’re a regular visitor to this site, you probably know by now that we have a strange love affair with unusual advertising; we can’t get enough. When T-Mobile, the self-proclaimed king of Android, put out a new ad starring Charles Barkley, I knew exactly where it was going. It’s no Winamp promo (is your music of play yet?), but it’s pretty… Read more

Fail of the day: Dell marketing stunt goes horribly wrong

It’s been popular for a long time now to use crazy marketing stunts for hyping people up. Flash mobs, fake focus groups, a visit to your home; You get the point. Well in order to promote a “new Dell Streak tablet which can interface with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles,” Dell tired to use one of these marketing stunts — Only instead of hyping people up for a… Read more

Video: Motorola Xoom Super Bowl promotion

Motorola hasn’t been one to take advertising lightly in recent years, and their newest Super Bowl related promotion is a testament to that. The spot, shown below, doesn’t feature much more than some specs and some incredibly obvious rips on Apple — “2011 looks a lot like 1984,” “ONE AUTHORITY, ONE DESIGN, ONE WAY TO WORK. . .” — but it certainly gets the… Read more

Video: Sprint’s new EVO Shift commercial

It may not seem like it at first, but yes the commercial below is supposed to be for the EVO Shift. So what’s the problem with it? After you watch, you should notice a particular lack of said EVO Shift. The commercial is essentially 30 seconds of Sprint boasting about the original EVO with a Shift cameo at the very end. The lead in makes sense and all, show… Read more

Federal Trade Commission approves AdMob acquisition

After an investigation to determine whether or not Google’s gobble of mobile advertizing giant AdMob in exchange for $750 million would harm competition, the FTC has decided to allow the acquisition. Citing Apple’s purchase of Quattro Wireless, which facilitated the creation of iAd, the FCC sees no free market problems: “As a result of Apple’s… Read more