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Verizon Shutting Down Alltel Data Network In January 2013

Remember back in 2009 when Verizon acquired Alltel? It looks like Verizon is finally ready to start shutting down the entire Alltel data network starting in January of 2013. If all goes according to plan then it should be finished by April 2013. Now, if you’re a worried Alltel customer then keep in mind that you still have six months and calling and… Read more

Alltel and Samsung launch the Gem

Alltel Wireless and Samsung announced the availability of the free (after $50 mail-in rebate) Gem: a budget Android with a 3.2MP cam, 3.2″ display, an 800MHz processor, and Android 2.1. The device is decidedly low end in a market environment where 1GHz processors are the norm for Android. With dual core devices just around the corner (as well as Android… Read more