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Android 4.2 Gmail, Along With Auto Fitting And Swipe To Delete, Now Available For All 4.0+ Devices

The update the Gmail Android app received in Android 4.2 was pretty huge, in my opinion. The swipe to archive/delete function is nice and useful (and a direct rip from webOS, which is understandable since Android’s director of user experience Matias Duarte used to be VP of Palm). But the biggest feature is the message auto-fitting, which zooms out all… Read more

Soundfreaq Sound Kick Review

When you’re choosing a Bluetooth speaker to buy, and you look at these nice options like the $260 Bose SoundLink I, $300 SoundLink II, and the $180 Jawbone Jambox, it’s easy to overlook cheaper options. Mostly because cheaper options are so often bad. For someone like me, who values good audio quality over everything, speakers are something you can’t… Read more

App Review: Amazing Alex

Rovio’s new game has officially been released. And it brings much of the same simple, addicting, time-wasting entertainment that Angry Birds brought us. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what will keep you entertained for the next few years. The game brings in the same physics-based aspect of Angry Birds but allows you to create your own… Read more

HTC One X Currently Out Of Stock On AT&T Website

What appears to be good news for first week sales shows the AT&T One X out of stock on the company’s website, although we admit it wasn’t something we noticed until this morning. In both the White and Gray version of the device, AT&T’s website lists both models as “out of stock.” How long both models will stay out of stock is a mystery, but… Read more