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Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley available now

The Sun is finally staying out longer, a cool breeze carriers the fresh scent of salt over the air, and and the soothing sounds of monkeys and birds playing volleyball is in the air… it must be time to play Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley! Released last night on the Amazon Appstore, the lastest episode of Angry Birds Rio is finally here. Not much has… Read more

Buy Android for Verizon on Amazon, get free apps

Amazon has announced a promotion today where the end goal is rather simple: get more users into the Amazon Appstore. Whenever anyone buys an Android device for Verizon from Amazon, they get a free $25 Appstore credit. $25 worth of apps isn’t much to part with Amazon’s end, and by making it an Amazon Appstore credit, users are nudged into the online… Read more

Amazon Appstore free app of the day: Zenonia 2

If you’re looking to save a couple bucks on a fantastic RPG for Android devices, look no further. Amazon has put up their free app of the day, and today it’s Zenonia 2. Zenonia 2 is a hack-and-slash-esque game with strong RPG roots. You can play as one of four class types — Paladin, Shooter, Magician and Warrior — in 98 quests on 152 different… Read more

Amazon Appstore free app of the day: PicSay Pro

Normally available for $3.99, or $4.25 on the Android Market, the Amazon Appstore app of the day is the incredibly entertaining PicSay Pro. With PicSay Pro, you can import pictures into the app for editing, and then export the finished product for sharing. Just what kind of editing can you do? Well for starters, there is over 50 different effects you… Read more

Angry Birds Rio available in the Android Market now

It looks like Amazon has had their share of the fun with the exclusive launch of Angry Birds Rio in the Amazon Appstore, and it’s Google’s turn to get in on the excitement. Available now, you can head on over to the Android Market and download Angry Birds Rio, Amazon free. As far as I can tell right off the bat, everything in the Android Market… Read more

Gameloft to open shop in the Amazon Appstore

If you’re into gaming on your Android device, then Amazon may just be the way to go. Gameloft, notorious for how terrible their buying experiences have always been, has recently said in an interview that instead of utilizing the Android Market for game distribution, they’ll be turning to Amazon. Thanks to Amazon’s higher security and the maturity of… Read more

Amazon Appstore for Android open for business

There’s been a lot of build-up to this moment, and the time has finally come: The Amazon Appstore for Android is ready to go. By visiting Amazon.com/appstore, you can browse apps and games available from Amazon, as well as look at reviews, technical information, recommendations, screen-shots, developer info, and more. At first glance, using the… Read more