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Amazon Appstore could launch tomorrow [Update]

Update: The Appstore is live. More info here. End update. According to a “trusted source” from Wired, Amazon could be launching their Appstore as soon as tomorrow, March 22nd. There’s been a lot of leaks surrounding Amazon’s Appstore, but it looks like the real deal may finally be upon us. We’ve already seen how competitive pricing for the… Read more

Amazon Appstore prices previewed

Trying to find your next Amazon Appstore fix? Look no further than Amazon.com/apps. The Amazon Appstore page, accessible by clicking the link above, clearly isn’t ready for prime-time. You can’t click on any apps to view more details –if you do, you’re taken to the Amazon home page– but prices are live. Most are comparable to what’s available in… Read more

Angry Birds Rio an Amazon Appstore exclusive

Anyone looking to get their Angry Birds fix in the coming weeks with Angry Birds Rio won’t be able to do so in the Android Market. Instead, the destined to be incredibly popular Rio will see an exclusive launch in the Amazon Appstore. According to the Amazon Appstore Developer Blog, Amazon plans on using the launch to draw in customers once their… Read more

Amazon Appstore’s DRM policy goes under fire

What would normally be a mundane blog post from the Amazon Developer Blog on Digital Rights Management has turned into just the opposite thanks to some sticky wording. It would appear that Amazon is expecting users to be logged into the Amazon Appstore every time they use an app that has DRM tied to it. The exact wording is as follows: “Any app that… Read more