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Study: Android Tablets Steal Significant Market Share From Apple – Leap to 48% of Tablet Ownership in 2012

Research organization Pew Internet & American Life Project conducted a survey on U.S. adult tablet ownership. The survey itself reveals some very surprising information. According to Pew – Android tablet ownership rose from 15 percent in 2011 to 48 percent in 2012. This increase in Android ownership is attributed to reduced pricing for Android… Read more

Amazon Reportedly Buys 3D-Mapping Startup UpNext

Although not official, reports are saying Amazon has acquired the 3D-mapping startup UpNext for $2.5 million.  This transaction would “give Amazon the startup’s 3D, Android-native maps of 50 US cities, complete with navigation and extra information about notable buildings”.  Currently, the Kindle Fire is not part of the Android ecosystem so 3D-mapping… Read more

Kindle Fire by Amazon software update 6.3 available now

About mid-way through the month of January, Amazon released the software update 6.2.2 for their Kindle Fire. While the last update had one big alteration in mind (full-screen Web browsing), there wasn’t much else included in the download. That changes with the latest update, bringing the software version to 6.3, as there are plenty of improvements to be… Read more

Nook Tablet with 8GB of storage rumored to go on sale soon

As it stands right now, Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is raking in the money due to its low-cost, and easy accessibility. It’s easily one of the most popular Android-based tablets out there, even if Amazon did manage to skin it and customize it to the point where you can barely tell it’s Android running behind the scenes. With its 8GB of storage, and $200… Read more

Amazon working on 9-inch Kindle tablet, analyst claims

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard that Amazon is working on a new tablet. Initial rumors suggested that Amazon was working on an 8.9-inch version of their Kindle Fire tablet, and that was before the world was rocked by the massive selling potential of Amazon’s first tablet device. But now that the Kindle Fire is out, and selling like hot cakes,… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire sees MIUI 4 ROM

The Kindle Fire by Amazon is one of the most popular (cheap) tablets out there. And, while at face value you probably couldn’t tell it was running Android (unless you already knew), there’s definitely a version of our favorite mobile operating system lying under there. That’s why when we see custom ROMs like MIUI going for a spin on the device, we feel like… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire estimated to have shipped 6 million units in the fall by analyst

We know that the Kindle Fire by Amazon has made a significant impact on the tablet market with its low price tag, and there are plenty of people out there who believe that it may have made a pretty good dent in Apple’s iPad sales at the tail-end of last year, too. But, according to a new research note by Stifel Nicolaus analyst Jordan Rohan, it looks like… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab usage down, Amazon Kindle Fire now at large

We knew that Amazon’s cheap tablet, the Kindle Fire, had some great sales this past holiday season. It turns out that they cut into the Android usage market, and even cut the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s usage in half. In November the Galaxy Tab held 63% of the usage on Android tablets. By January, it held only 36% of the market. By that time, Amazon’s tablet… Read more