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Amazon Kindle Fire software update version 6.2 now available

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the Amazon Kindle Fire has done better than we thought that it would do. The Kindle Fire currently sits above the iPad 2 and the Nook Color on Best Buy’s best selling list, taking the top spot. So, this news might apply to a lot of people out there. Amazon is updating the Kindle Fire to version 6.2… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire bestselling product on Amazon for 8 weeks since introduction

Not that it should surprise anyone, but Amazon’s first tablet device, the Kindle Fire, has managed to reach quite the milestone on Amazon’s website: reach, and keep, the bestselling spot on the digital retailer’s site for eight weeks straight, ever since the device’s introduction. First, we have to admit that it’s strange to us that it has already been… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire heading to Best Buy on November 15

Are you someone who needs to have something on day one? If you are, and you’ve been eagerly anticipating getting your hands on the Amazon Kindle Fire, the company’s first tablet device, then you may not be so lucky if you’re planning on ordering it online. However, the yellow tag big box retailer Best Buy has you covered. If you do order the Kindle Fire… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire will run on Android and run Android apps, will also feature Netflix and Pandora

So Barnes and Noble has officially made known that they plan on entering the tablet market with their NOOK Tablet. This announcement came after Amazon unveiled their first tablet device, the Kindle Fire. Both of these devices run on Android, albeit a heavily modified version of our favorite mobile OS. But, it has been awhile since Amazon introduced all… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire tallies up 95,000 pre-orders on day one

Amazon was probably pretty excited about their first tablet device long before they announced it, but now that they know plenty of people out there are eagerly anticipating getting their hands on the device, even before any reviews have made their way onto the Internet, they have to be beside themselves. According to a new report, it looks like Amazon’s… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire officially unveiled, will cost only $199

Amazon today has officially announced the long-awaited, and often-rumored about Kindle Fire tablet device. This is the digital retailer’s first tablet to hit the market, and they’re banking on their legitimately strong media presence to help boost sales of the device. While some believed Amazon would be unveiling two tablets today, that doesn’t look to be… Read more