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Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 rumored for second quarter 2012 launch

We have all been hearing about the Kindle Fire set to revolutionize the tablet industry. Dates that have been toss around the rumor include a launch in May of 2012 for an 8.9-inch follow-up. Though an exact date has yet to be revealed, new sources around the water cooler that is the Internet say that a 10.1-inch form factor of the Fire could also be in… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire heading to Best Buy on November 15

Are you someone who needs to have something on day one? If you are, and you’ve been eagerly anticipating getting your hands on the Amazon Kindle Fire, the company’s first tablet device, then you may not be so lucky if you’re planning on ordering it online. However, the yellow tag big box retailer Best Buy has you covered. If you do order the Kindle Fire… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire tallies up 95,000 pre-orders on day one

Amazon was probably pretty excited about their first tablet device long before they announced it, but now that they know plenty of people out there are eagerly anticipating getting their hands on the device, even before any reviews have made their way onto the Internet, they have to be beside themselves. According to a new report, it looks like Amazon’s… Read more