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Amazon Appstore’s DRM policy goes under fire

What would normally be a mundane blog post from the Amazon Developer Blog on Digital Rights Management has turned into just the opposite thanks to some sticky wording. It would appear that Amazon is expecting users to be logged into the Amazon Appstore every time they use an app that has DRM tied to it. The exact wording is as follows: “Any app that… Read more

Google TV gains new streaming service from Amazon Prime

For those who frequently order items from Amazon.com, joining Amazon Prime can result in serious savings on shipping. For the $79-a-year membership, Amazon Prime offers unlimited free two-day shipping with no minimum order cost and unlimited one-day shipping at just $3.99 per item chosen from hordes of eligible products to be sent anywhere within the… Read more

Pre-order page for the Motorola Atrix goes up on Amazon

After the euphoria of seeing the specs on the most recent crop of Android phones wears off, sticker shock starts to set it. If a device with a 3.7″ screen and 800MHz processor is still $149 – $199 on contract, what are the newest dual-core monster gonna run you? Well if the new place-holder page for the Atrix 4G on Amazon is any sign of things to come,… Read more

Amazon readying Kindle app designed for Android tablets

Amazon has announced that they will be releasing more versions of their Kindle app for larger screens later this year. Amazon’s Kindle app for iPad has found a home in the top ten free downloads from the App Store, and Windows and Android tablets will soon have their own flavor of the program, complete with Whispersync support that keeps your place… Read more

Amazon for Android goes color with magazines

Amazon’s Android application just got a serious shot in the arm with an update that allows users to buy, read, sync, and discover more than 100 newspapers and magazines in full color. Android is the first platform to see the update because, as Amazon’s Kindle VP said, it represents the fastest growing user base of their application. Check out a list of… Read more

New Amazon Web Services SDKs available for Android

In order for Android developers to integrate Amazon’s cloud services into their apps before now, it took a lot of tinkering and the creation of their own libraries for connection purposes. Starting today, Amazon will be offering a helping hand in the release of mobile software development kits that “make it easier for software developers to call an AWS… Read more

Amazon’s limited time DROID sale

Starting today, Amazon Wireless is offering a killer deal on four of Verizon’s most popular handsets: DROID Pro, Incredible, X, and 2. If you’re looking to purchase any of those DROID series devices, you can do so for 1 penny on a new 2-year contract. But wait, it gets better. Not only will you only pay a penny for your DROID, you’ll also get free 2-day… Read more

Amazon selling all AT&T Androids for $0.01 this weekend

Amazon.com is hoping to grab your attention before you start that list of places to shop on Black Friday, which falls on the 26th this year. The online giant has knocked the price tags on two handfulls of Android devices down to just one cent with a two year agreement. Every single AT&T Android is on the list, and a grip from other carriers made the cut as… Read more