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Android distribution chart now includes Ice Cream Sandwich

Earlier this morning, Google pulled the curtain off their latest Android distribution pie chart, showcasing just where each version of Android stands against another. In this latest version, we see some versions fall in statistics, while others climb their way up to prominence. What’s better, is that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has finally made its… Read more

Android fragmentation: where are we now

When the race between Android and iOS was first starting to really heat up, the biggest trump card Apple had was accusations of fragmentation. But that was a long time ago in mobile years. Things have gotten a lot better with Android devices, and compatibility is barely an issue. So how do the numbers break down now? According to Android Developers,… Read more

Google extends compatibility of new Fragments API

When Google first released Android 3.0, they put out an API for better adapting applications to different screen sizes know as Fragments API. Unfortunately, as Fragments is a part of Honeycomb, the API “does not help developers whose applications target earlier versions of Android” — until now. Google has just extended the compatibility of the API… Read more

1.6 and Google Navigation

Many of you know that Google Maps with navigation is now available to Android devices running version 1.6 – Donut. But for those who share the same days off as I do, here’s the lowdown: Google Nav on 1.6 does not allow voice commands such as “navigate to.” However, as explained at the Google Mobile Blog, you can create shortcuts on your homescreen… Read more