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Android distribution chart now includes Ice Cream Sandwich

Earlier this morning, Google pulled the curtain off their latest Android distribution pie chart, showcasing just where each version of Android stands against another. In this latest version, we see some versions fall in statistics, while others climb their way up to prominence. What’s better, is that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has finally made its… Read more

T-Mobile G1 to recieve 2.x OTA

It seems like a few of you may be getting your Christmas wish after all. Sources say that Android 2.0 and 2.0.1 have already been prepared as OTA updates and are ready for release come next year. This will come as a relief to many as it was once believed that the Eclair update would be too big for the G1′s internal memory that had been set aside for the… Read more

Dell Streak headed to AT&T with Eclair?

Yes, I’m posting the same leak video I did last month, featuring the guy whose videos inspire more thumb comments than a Richard Gear story ever did those of the gerbil variety. I think it’s cool that the dude hung onto the seemingly superfluous digit – not an easy task in any modern culture. On the other hand, I have no mercy for his my-heart-will-go-on… Read more

Android 2.0: Eclair, running on G1s

I was recently told, in no uncertain terms, that Eclair would not fit within the confines of our beloved G1′s ROM. That was apparently wrong. These rumors have got to stop. Not only was the lass in the first vid below able to pull 2.0 from the SDK and drop it into the ol’ brick, theses videos demonstrate a quickly cooked and admittedly half-baked 2.0 ROM… Read more

Android 2.0: more than multi-touch

Google announced today the support of 2.o in the SDK and there’s plenty for developers to be excited about: great control over bluetooth and sync plus contact integration that will really pull the vanilla Android experience together, for starters. A single inbox, multiple access points for your contacts, and the potential for bluetooth gaming with chat and… Read more

Android 2.0 Eclair photodump!

Well, BGR teased us yesterday with a video of the first Verizon Android phone, Droid, booting up along with the tantalizing promise that there was more to follow. And here is part one of that promise delivered; a walk-through of Android 2.0, complete with screenshots. Among the leak is evidence of a universal inbox, Maps 4.0, an app for simple phone… Read more

MotoDroid will run Android 2.0… or not

Will the Sholes/Tao/Droid ship with Eclair when it drops on Verizon? That depends on which tech blog you’re reading today (see more here). But this image from BGR – which is probably the best snap we’ve yet seen of the device – clearly indicated the phone is running firmware version 2.0. Via Android… Read more

It’s the Eclair delivery team!

Amidst scattered talk of a serious 2.0 release delay (like Q2 of 2010), a few videos have popped up from Google HQ – videos of the latest addition to the Android art installation on the Googleplex lawn. Does this mean Droid will ship with 2.0? Are multi-touch and Google Maps 4.0 just around the corner for the rest of us? My guess is that videos like these… Read more