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JXD S7100 Android-powered tablet breaks cover, looks familiar

Tablets have one market to fill on paper, and yet people expect them to fill plenty of other niche markets at the same time. For instance, while a tablet may be purchased for watching movies or television shows, it’s also probably going to be used to play video games, too. JXD knows this quite well, and that’s why they’ve unveiled their first tablet device,… Read more

New Android OS distribution numbers released

While it isn’t a huge debate anymore, or at least it shouldn’t be, there are still people out there talking about the inherent fragmentation of the Android platform. Sure, there are devices out there running old versions of Android, which will never see newer software, but there are reasons for that. We won’t get into them. Instead, we’ll just let you look… Read more

App Review: Google Music

After months of being in beta, Google Music has finally become available to the public. Offering to stream 20,000 of your favorite songs to your phone for free, it could be an enticing alternative to other services, such as Spotify. It also brings a whole ecosystem with it, providing free songs and the ability to purchase songs through Google. With the age… Read more

Pantech Pocket, Samsung DoubleTime and Samsung Captivate Glide for AT&T launching November 20

A trio of new phones launching on AT&T is what you wished for for Christmas? Somebody must have been listening, then, because you got exactly what you wished for. Thanks to AT&T’s Facebook page, all three devices are set to launch on the same day. But, all of them are packing quite different form factors, so you’ve got plenty of choice here. The Pantech… Read more

Samsung DoubleTime for AT&T officially announced

There’s a thing about a cheap, low-end device that just feels right, you know? With all of these high-end devices out there, it’s good to see that manufacturers are focusing on every market available to them, and every consumer. Samsung has chosen to go with the DoubleTime, a low-end Android-powered device heading to AT&T sometime in the future. Here’s… Read more