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HTC EVO Shift 4G specs leaked by WalMart

It’s since been taken down, but WalMart recently published a product page for Sprint’s upcoming WiMAX QWERTY slider, the EVO Shift 4G. Cellphone Signal was able to grab some snaps of the page as well as product shots before the premature page was pulled. The successor to the EVO 4G has a noticeably smaller display at 3.7″, 8MP cam with dual LED flash and… Read more

Canadian Samsung Vibrant/Fascinate updated to Froyo

I would love to say for sure that this isn’t a false alarm, but until you have your device updated and working well, you know the drill. According to Engadget and Samsung Canada’s Android 2.2 hub, Canadian Vibrants and Fascinates are both ready for their second helping of Froyo. Once upon a time, the update was pushed out once, only to have it pulled by… Read more

Samsung to unveil Galaxy Media Player at CES

There has been talk for several months surrounding Samsung’s development of a Galaxy Media Player, and Samsung has apparently confirmed the device and will be showing it off at CES next month. After launching the Galaxy S series of phones–which some found to be heavily influenced by the iPhone–and then the Galaxy Tab–which was without a doubt… Read more

Epic 4G set to receive post Christmas update to Froyo

Well Epic owners, this has been a long time coming. Your journey isn’t over quite yet, but if some leaked screen shots of an internal memo obtained by Phone Arena are correct, December 26th is the day you should start seeing your official update to Froyo. If everything goes according to plan, build DL11 will start rolling out in phases on the 26th, and… Read more

Samsung pulling 2.2 update for Canadian Vibrants

Canadian owners of a Samsung Vibrant are not going to be happy to hear this. Due to “issues that some users have reported while completing the upgrade to Android 2.2,” Samsung is pulling the update to Froyo from Kies until further notice. As you will see in the full blip from Samsung Mobile Canada’s Facebook below, they don’t mention that only Vibrants… Read more

LG announces dual-core Optimus 2X

Dustin told us all about a leak concerning the LG Star back in November, but while the tech specs were right on, the release information was sketchy. Today, LG officially announced the phone in Korea, making it the world’s first dual-core phone. The NVIDIA powered gadget will hit Korea next month with more countries in Europe and Asia to follow. The Optimus… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S to receive Gingerbread after all?

At least one Samsung rep is responding to yesterday’s confusion regarding the bump of Sammy’s Galaxy S phones to Android version 2.3. It’s just a tweet, casually sent through Samsung Mobile India’s Twitter account, but it’s something: As Dustin pointed out yesterday, it only stands to reason that the already released Galaxy S devices (Vibrant,… Read more

Verizon starts Froyo updates for DROID X

It’s been “coming soon” for a while, but Verizon has finally started sending out Android 2.2, or Froyo, updates for the DROID X as promised yesterday. If you’ve forgotten all the great things about this device, take a look at the reviews in text or in video form. The update also includes Flash 10.1, which I usually think is more talked about than… Read more

Adobe warns of Flash 10.1 security flaw and promises fix

A security flaw in Adobe Flash 10.1 is affecting both desktop ( and Android ( versions. As the official advisory doesn’t explicitly state that earlier versions are ok, users should be wary of the sites they visit, and maybe just disable Flash until a fix arrives. Odds are, with the way Flash performs on Android, you won’t miss it all… Read more