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Gmail bug affects many Android 2.2 users

Some users are reporting a frustrating bug in Gmail after receiving the Froyo update: while the primary account is functioning as normal, any secondary accounts don’t refresh automatically. Thus, those affected by the bug have to manually refresh their second account. If you’re in this unfortunate group, take a look at the bug entry on Google’s mobile… Read more

DROID 2 [Verizon] preview and initial thoughts

As the rumored DROID 2 launch date drew closer, I knew I’d eventually get the standard issue DM of “come get a phone”. Like clockwork, I received said DM yesterday morning. I said it on twitter, and I’ll say it again; If the DROID X and the original DROID made a baby, it’s name would be DROID 2.  This is the first Android phone to be a true… Read more

Android 2.2 debuts on the Platform Versions chart

Another Android release, another update to the Platform Versions page.  While it’s only a measly 1.8%, Android 2.2 has made its official debut on the chart.  Keep in mind that the official 2.2 update is still only available on the Nexus One and has only been on the airwaves for a few days.  Several other devices are slated to get some Froyo goodness… Read more

Delicious Froyo; Now with more FRF72 goodness (yum!)


Google has released a new build for Android 2.2 (Froyo) on the Nexus One;  Build FRF72.  It’s unclear what exactly is in this build.  Some are saying it’s faster yet and offers better battery life.  Apparently some internal memory has been freed up as well.  One thing is known, protected apps have disappeared from the Market.  This is pretty common… Read more

Android 2.2, Froyo, to hit Nexus One in the next few weeks

In response to what I assume was a flood of impatient inquiries, someone over at the official Google I/O Twitter account responded, saying that the newest version of Android would go out to Nexus Ones in “the next few weeks.” It’s no big surprize that Google would want to hit their own (lonely) flagship device first, but it’s great to hear something of… Read more

New Android SDK (r06) now available

In conjunction with the announcement of Android 2.2 (Froyo) at the Google I/O develepor’s conference, a new version of the Android software development kit has been released by Google. As indicated by the included read me file, some changes have been made this time around. Specifically, no version platforms are included. I guess there are just too many out… Read more

HTC: phones launched in 2010 *should* see Froyo

I certainly wouldn’t expect anything less from the key OEM player in the Android revolution, but a few of you have asked me: will my Nexus get Android 2.2? The answer is, of course it will, and so will any other HTC device launched in 2010. HTC isn’t going to rush at the cost of instability for Sense, but the company definitely isn’t sitting on their… Read more

Google’s official 2.2 announcement video

Even if you watched the I/O keynote live today, Google’s official announcement video is a must see. It provides a quick summary of virtually everything presented this morning in a clip that is much clearer and more friendly to the eyes…and those afflicted with ADD. Froyo will be released in June, though a specific date has not been announced…. Read more

Android 2.2 to support Flash 10.1

Today, The New York Times published an interview with Google’s VP of Engineering, Andy Rubin.  The topic of the day: Android. While much of the conversation revolved around the philosophy of an “open” platform, there was some very specific discussion about Flash support for Android 2.2. Here’s a quote from interviewer Brad Stone He also promised… Read more