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Virgin Mobile USA’s Venture is official

Yesterday, we showed you the ZTE Venture, which was listed on Virgin Mobile USA’s website, but there wasn’t any official announcement to go along with it. The page insisted that the handset would be expected to ship on March 15th, which for those of you who were interested in picking up the cheap, low-end device, that wasn’t too long to wait. Virgin Mobile… Read more

ZTE Fury for Sprint landing on March 11

We first saw the Fury by ZTE in a leaked document, and back then we didn’t have a strong lead as to when the device might be landing on the Now Network. But Sprint has decided to officially announce the device today, along with a launch date and a price tag to boot. While there was never any guess if this device would be then next bigh-end device to crave,… Read more

LG Optimus Elite for Sprint tipped for a launch in May

Late last night, initial word of a new device called the Optimus Elite broke cover, suggesting that Sprint has yet another device planned for an early launch this year. However, unlike the rumored HTC Jewel we heard about a few days ago, the Optimus Elite is a handset that’s specifically aimed at the entry-level market, and has the stats to prove… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II for US Cellular now available

Eight days ago US Cellular pulled the wraps off the Galaxy S II by Samsung, and announced that the handset would be making its official launch soon. Unfortunately, even eight days ago, US Cellular wasn’t coming completely clean as to a final launch date, keeping that information just vague enough to propel the speculation. But, the wait is over, and the… Read more

Sony Xperia U unveiled at Mobile World Congress

Right behind the Xperia P by Sony, here we have the Xperia U, the smallest of the three brand new brothers making their debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this evening (in that particular region). But while the Xperia U may have the features you want, the fact that it is launching on the previous version of Android, with a “scheduled update”… Read more

Samsung Rugby Smart for AT&T officially announced

Two days ago, the Rugby Smart by Samsung popped in for an appearance again, and now we can say the device is really official, thanks to an official announcement from AT&T and Samsung. The device is certainly meant to be a “durable” handset, as you can see in the tests designed to prove it as such below. And thankfully for anyone looking for a durable device… Read more

LG Optimus 3D MAX officially announced

Early this morning, LG decided to officially unveil their latest 3D effort, in the Optimus 3D MAX. We’ve heard about this particular device plenty in the past, and it’s good that LG didn’t go with a combination of letters and numbers for the official launch. But, with a mysterious international launch plan for this newest effort from LG, it’s anyone’s guess… Read more

Motorola Cliq 2 for T-Mobile set to receive Gingerbread update

Apparently it’s about time for old devices, handsets that most people probably don’t even think about anymore, to get updated to a “new” version of Android. New for the device, anyway. And now it is T-Mobile USA’s turn, as we’ve just learned that the Cliq 2 by Motorola is next in line to receive an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. As always, Motorola… Read more