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Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G for T-Mobile now coming out sometime in late March

Back at the early part of January, right around the time that the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was going on, T-Mobile USA was being questioned as to why they weren’t announcing any new devices at the trade show. While they didn’t have a big presence at the event, they did manage to unveil a new handset, which was set to launch sometime later this… Read more

Samsung Rugby Smart for AT&T render finds its way online

It’s been a little bit of time since we’ve seen a render of a leaked, and unannounced device, right? Hopefully it’s been long enough, because we’ve got a brand new one to show you. This time around it’s the Rugby Smart by Samsung, which is looking to be a phone you might actually be able to use in a rugby match, if given the inclination. This isn’t the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II for US Cellular officially announced

We knew it was coming, as there had been plenty of reports the high-end device would be making an appearance on the regional carrier US Cellular sometime in the future since last year. But the time has finally come. If you’re under US Cellular’s wing and you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the device, you’ll only have a bit longer to wait, as the… Read more

LG Optimus L3, L5 and L7 officially announced

Early yesterday, a teaser image of a capital “L” started making the rounds around the Internet, touting something fancy coming from LG. Unfortunately, seeing as it was just an image with an L on i, with some catch-phrases floating around it, there wasn’t much to go on. But of course LG wasn’t talking about a new L-shaped TV or something, and they’ve… Read more

Sony’s new UXP NXT shown off in leaked video

With upcoming devices like the Xperia S from Sony, we are all eagerly anticipating seeing what kind of user interface tweaks the company has created on their newest Android devices. In the pair of videos, which you can see below in their full glory, courtesy of XperiaBlog, we get to see where Sony is taking their software experience for the end user. At… Read more

Sony Xperia U poses for the camera again

While it is galloping around the Internet as the Xperia U now, the device you see above was previously known as the codenamed Kumquat, featuring the model number S25i in previous reports. That’s still the same, but as we’ve heard in the past, it looks like Sony will be going with Xperia U whenever this phone finally decides to launch. Unlike in its previous… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T now on sale

It has been a long time coming. In standard Samsung tradition, the manufacturer managed to bring in plenty of awareness for their huge 5.3-inch device with an international launch long before they ever even announced a launch here in the States. But after plenty of waiting, and wondering, the Galaxy Note by Samsung is finally here courtesy of AT&T. The… Read more

LG Optimus Vu officially announced

The Optimus Vu hasn’t been rumored for all that long, but LG was apparently getting restless. The 5-inch square-looking device has been given the green light, and has been officially announced over the weekend. In today’s market the larger phones are definitely getting the attention, but LG also knows it has to have plenty of other features as well to… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 passes through the FCC gauntlet

Just ten days ago, the first document for the Galaxy Mini 2 by Samsung broke cover. The device itself is meant specifically for the mid-range market, but considering the market the safe assumption that it will have a lower price tag is pretty common. With the handset rumored to be launching soon, it’s no surprise that the device has made an appearance… Read more