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Google Music sync coming with Android 2.4

While I still think the creation of an Android fork could be confusing for consumers and a harbinger of further fragmentation in the world of Android devices, there is one aspect of Android 2.4 that I would love to see on hot new phones like Samsung’s Nexus S, ASAP, regardless of version conventions: Google Music Sync. We’ve been hearing hints about… Read more

FCC clears Samsung GT-i9023

The Ice Cream Sandwich fork mystery deepens with an FCC filing for Samsung’s GT-i9023. A video from German site BestBoyz (embedded above) shows a Nexus S’ about screen, which reveals the device is running Android 2.4 and has a baseband version starting with “i9023.” This is very close to the original Nexus S model number, GT-i9020. It seems reasonable… Read more

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc running Gingerbread 2.4

Any confusion about whether Android 2.4 or Android 3.0 would be the tablet made-over Honeycomb was eliminated yesterday by product announcements from multiple OEMs and by an official Honeycomb teaser video. 2.3 is Gingerbread, and 3.0 is Honeycomb. But what we see above is an image from Tweakers.net revealing Android 2.4 running on Sony Ericsson’s new… Read more

HTC files for “Scribe” trademark

Rumors have been swirling for the past few months surrounding the possible launch of an Android tablet by HTC. The more seemingly reliable of related leaks peg the specs with a dual-core Tegra 2 and a 1280 X 720 display. Honeycomb, Android 2.4, is also suspected. Considering the current tablet market and leaked information regarding Android tablet… Read more