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Let’s Not Forget About The Sony Xperia ZL

With all this talk about the amazing Sony Xperia Z, we (at least I) almost forgot about the existence of the Sony Xperia ZL, and yes there are some pretty notable differences between the two. The Sony Xperia ZL doesn’t have a water resistant chassis, so basically all of the ports aren’t covered by flaps. This also means you can’t pour water all over… Read more

HTC M7 Will Feature An All Black Design And A Simple And Clean UI

The folks over at HTC Source have some new information regarding the HTC M7. The information comes from a trusted source and an insider at HTC. According to the source, the HTC M7 will feature an all black design. It will bear some design similarities to the HTC Droid DNA and it also has a “very nice looking beveled edge” alongside the screen. The… Read more