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Google+ Adds A Bunch Of New Features For Android Users

Dave Besbris, Vice President of Engineering for Google+, has just updated the Google+ blog with 18 new updates to Google+’s app for Android. This is all part of the #seasonforshipping project planned for Android’s Google+ app. The original plan was to give away one Google+ gift a day to Android users, but that plan was scrapped in favor of a more… Read more

Potential final specs revealed for the LG Optimus G Nexus

Rumors have certainly increased surrounding the close announcement of a new Nexus phone. Speculation has been rampant with concepts of 5 new Nexus devices from various OEMs up until the latest news of an LG Optimus G Nexus design. Insider sources have unaimously stated over the last week that in the next 30 days, Android users should anticipate an… Read more